Lavabo Shape by Kerasan

New minimalism, new levels of comfort

Dark tones serve to create essential yet warm and cosy bathrooms, where decoration is achieved through the use of “non-colours” and judicious contrasts

The ISO 17889-1 standard certifies the sustainability of Italian ceramic tiles

Approved in 2018, it is a unique, international standard for evaluating the environmental, economic and social impact of ceramic tiles.

Wincer, ceramic tiles with 85% recycled materials

Thanks to the Wincer project, it is now possible to produce ceramic tiles with materials originating from municipal and industrial waste.

UNIMORE LCA analysis of flooring materials

By comparing their respective environmental impacts, the Life Cycle Assessment showed that porcelain stoneware is more sustainable than other materials.

Ceramics of Italy for Sustainability

Ceramics of Italy for Sustainability: goals and tools

The Ceramics of Italy for Sustainability communication and promotional campaign has got under way with the launch of a video created by Milan-based agency Muse Factory of Projects on the institutional website, which will be shared through an extensive social media presence in Italy and abroad. The aim of the campaign is to communicate the efforts and achievements in the field of sustainability made by the Italian ceramic industry (tiles, sanitaryware, tableware, bricks and roof tiles) as a concrete result of the work carried out by the Association in recent months.

The secret to durability lies in firing

Italian ceramic tiles are produced in under an hour but last for over 50 years. Their compact surface is the result of an innovative industrial process that combines high levels...

The Italian ceramic industry’s CSR practices

Italian ceramic companies are committed to ensuring occupational safety, to providing advanced corporate welfare and to entering into partnerships with training institutes for research projects. This is demonstrated by the...

Falls from heights: risk prevention

The Italian ceramic industry cares about people and takes all the necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of its employees. This involves providing personal protective equipment, informing workers about occupational...

Ceramic ventilated façades: cost and energy savings

Ceramic ventilated façades reduce energy consumption and cut utility bills

The Italian ceramic industry optimises its Green Supply Chain

The Italian ceramic industry’s management approach aims to minimise environmental impact over the product’s entire life cycle.