History and Values

A hundred years of history. Ceramics viewed from Montelupo Fiorentino

Throughout its history, Bitossi has collaborated with eminent figures from the world of design. The company’s Archive Museum in Montelupo Fiorentino tells the story of its illustrious past in relation to its present and its vision for the future. The result is an outstanding example of a corporate museum

Francesco De Maio Ceramics Museum

Hand-decorated majolica rooted in a timeless artisanal tradition carried on by terracotta master craftsmen

The Italian way of being “beautiful forever”

The relationship between design and Italian identity was discussed during the official online presentation of the Atlas of Ceramics

Modo italiano – Stories of heritage, brands and marketing

During these difficult times, the Italian ceramic industry has launched an initiative exploring beauty, colours and the fascinating histories of companies, ideas and collaborations with art, design and architecture. It...

The times I met Versace

The Mater Ceramica research project reveals fascinating stories on a website devoted to Italian ceramic culture

Picasso and the challenge posed by ceramics, on show at the MIC

A material that always fascinated the artist, offering creative inspiration for numerous discoveries and experiments.

“Ceramics of Italy – Ahead of our Time” tells the story of Italian tile

Tradition, history, culture, design, quality, beauty, product innovation and innovation of technological processes: all these values are universally attributed to the Italian ceramic industry alone. The “Ceramics of Italy –...

Bertozzi & Casoni Museum

From formal hyperrealism to compositional surrealism, Sassuolo embraces contemporary ceramic art.

“Mater Ceramica”, an ancient yet utterly modern material

The project launched by the Italian Ceramic Culture Centre now has a name: Mater Ceramica, where Mater is an acronym for Mapping of Art, Technology and Research.

The Marca Corona Museum

The history of the oldest ceramic factory in Sassuolo is documented in a multimedia museum that can be explored from many different angles, offering insights into both the past and present.

The first Italian Ceramic Culture Centre is opened

The recently opened Italian Ceramic Culture Centre promoted by Confindustria Ceramica marks the first attempt in Italy to bring together different viewpoints and fields of study in the world of ceramics: industry, artisanship, scientific research, museums and art.

CERAMICLAND Culture and creativity in ceramics

Ceramicland is putting forward a new vision for the ceramic cluster. This manufacturing hub has evolved over the years and now operates in a globalised world. And it is precisely in this new world that Ceramicland aims to fulfil its potential.

The “Ceramics of Italy” mark is reserved exclusively for Italian-made ceramic products

“Made in Italy” is much more than an indication of geographical origin. It enshrines for a set of values recognised the world over, including quality, transparency, leadership in design, innovation and environmental sustainability