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Driving the Industry Forward Through Experiential Learning & Immersion

Interview with Ross Keltie - VP of Sales and Marketing Centura

Since the 1930s, Centura has established itself as a leader in the distribution of ceramic tiles across North America. With their rich history of working with Italian ceramic brands dating […]

People over Product: how this growing distributor stays humble

Interview with George Braica - VP Operations at Quality Wood Floors, Inc.

A family-owned business with four generations of talented wood craftsmen, Quality Wood Floors has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the late 1890s, in a small workshop […]

Experiential, Sustainable Design: The Way of the Future

Interview with Donna Childs - tvsdesign

Founded in 1968, Atlanta-based design firm tvsdesign embodies what it means to be forward-thinking – everything they produce demonstrates a careful consideration of technology, sustainability, and the user experience.

Signals from the future

Interview with Italo Rota

An architect and curious intellectual, Italo Rota is capable of appreciating – often in advance – many aspects of the changes that are shaping society and the ways in which technology and science are transforming lifestyles.

The decision to focus on architects and designers

Interview with Jay Lindgren - managing director Kakelspecialisten AB

Twenty-seven years’ experience in selling ceramic tiles to architects and the general public; the largest showroom in Scandinavia and a range of high-end products; investments focused on developing the digital […]

Ciot breaks ground in Atlanta

Interview with Patrick Pepin - Managing Partner Ciot

Leading Canadian company expands its reach with a new showroom and slab gallery in America’s southeast

Staying ahead in a rapidly changing industry

Interview with Kristina Panzera – Ciot Montréal Inc.

Ciot has long been a leading North American distributor of Italian ceramic products – and now in their 69th year, they have the Confindustria Ceramica North American Distributor Award to prove it.

Building for the common good

Interview with Pia Durisch and Aldo Nolli - Durisch + Nolli Architetti

Structure, space and light, expression and atmosphere, energy efficiency and the environment, urban design and a patient process of restoration and reuse are the key concepts that guide the work of Swiss architecture firm Durisch + Nolli

Combining aesthetics and professional ethics

Interview with Sergey Skuratov

“The architect’s mission is to build! But 21st century architects also have to be politicians, social activists, defenders of nature and the historical heritage and much more…”

Architecture as a brand

Interview with Adolfo Suarez and Marco Amosso - Lombardini22

Lombardini22 has developed a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach based on strategic pre-project analysis and consulting conducted by a team of highly specialised professionals and organised in terms of business units

The Future is now

Interview with Stefan Blach - Studio Libeskind

Stefan Blach of Studio Libeskind talks about his passion for planning and his responsibilities in creating great architecture that will affect future generations.

Tile and Vision

Interview with Jim Vogel and Becky French - Conestoga Tile

Conestoga Tile is one of the most valid distributors of Italian ceramic tiles. The company imports, distributes, and markets high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile to the United States through three […]

Italians create new trends

Interview with Rolf Haan - Julius van der Werf

Julius van der Werf, a medium and high-end product wholesaler located in the heart of the Netherlands, is one of the winners of the 2018 Confindustria Ceramica Distributor Award.

The equal importance of quality & skill in tile installation

Interview with Chris Woelfel - Artcraft Granite Marble and Tile Company

After nearly two decades of working in the tile industry, Arizona-based Chris Woelfel offers a breadth of knowledge from her work at Artcraft Granite, Marble and Tile Company and J.G. […]

Ethical and bioclimatic architecture

Interview with Elisa Valero Ramos

Elisa Valero Ramos, winner of the 2018 Swiss Architectural Award, adopts a silent, counter-current approach to promote a form of architecture that is environmentally friendly as well as sophisticated and innovative in the use of reinforced concrete and ceramic.

“We chose tiles to offset a fall in sales”

Interview with Robin de Man - Michel Oprey&Beisterveld

With the largest showroom space in the Benelux area, the Dutch company works with a dozen high-end Italian brands

Italian tiles lead the world

Interview with Tim Westra - Wayne Tile

A business dating back 60 years, Wayne Tile has chosen Italian tile for its demanding clientele

Graceful design

Interview with Ella Mamiche - ZAS Architects + Interiors

Ella Mamiche has over 30 years of experience as a practicing architect in one of Canada’s busiest cities - Toronto. The only female Principal at ZAS Architects + Interiors, Mamiche has helped grow the firm’s interiors division and contributed to an impressive 23 awards for their projects.

Visions of reason

Interview with Klaus Hannappel

Klaus Hannappel: “Architecture must incorporate an idea or a vision regarding a specific interpretation of the task at hand and the constraints that are involved. Radicalism, as the expression of a coherent solution, is both useful and necessary.”

A fourth generation family business in tile

Interview with Bernadette Valva-White and Robert Valva of Cancos Tile and Stone

Cancos is a family owned and operated business who has been a leading distributor since 1953.

The responsibility of architecture

Interview with Doug Bothner

Baltimore based architect, Doug Bothner has helped lead Ziger/Snead Architects for 18 years while growing his expertise in the architecture and design field. With an impressive repertoire of clients that include the Baltimore Museum of Art, National Cryptologic Museum Foundation, Washington International School, among other institutions and countless beautiful residential projects, Bothner is well versed in the art of designing impressive buildings.

Learning from the masters

Interview with Tim Power

American architect Tim Power started up his own practice after gaining experience as a student of Ettore Sottsass. He has worked for almost thirty years in Italy, maintaining a strong sensibility towards the tradition of master architects and working on scales ranging “from the spoon to the city”.

Foto di Giulio Ceppi

Hybridisation, from the spoon to the city

Interview with Giulio Ceppi

Giulio Ceppi founded the practice Total Tool in the late 1990s with a mission focused on the project as innovation, as a process spanning design, architecture and communication. A complex set of actions and predictions requiring interdisciplinarity, management skills and perseverance to achieve precise and effective solutions.

Objects that stimulate the imagination

Interview with Gabriele Chiave

An emerging designer for Alessi and creative director for Marcel Wanders, Gabriele Chiave’s work ranges from product and interior design through to brand communication. He adopts a transversal approach to design that transcends function and in which decoration plays a key role.

An alliance between manufacturers and distributors

Interview with Vincenzo Pisani

The NAXB purchasing group was set up in 2008 to offer the Scandinavian market a wide range of ceramic products. Last year it purchased 1.5 million square metres of tiles.

Traditional techniques applied to modern production

Interview with Ola Rune

Ola Rune, co-founder of the architecture practice Claesson Koivisto Rune, explains that Swedish consumers are constantly in search of new design solutions.

Uncompromising quality and a strong customer focus

Interview with Roberto Bertacchi - Sabag Group

The Sabag Group is Switzerland’s largest family-owned construction materials distributor. Founded in 1913, it began selling ceramic tiles in the 1950s.

Expert advice as the key to success

Interview with Boy Meesenburg

Boy Meesenburg, CEO and sole shareholder of Jacob Sönnichsen AG, discusses the strategies of a group that employs 500 people and generates revenues of €170 million.

Regent Building Materials Supplies, italian ceramics sets trends in Hong Kong

Interview with Simon Tso

Simon Tso emphasises the excellence of Italian products in terms of design, technology and sustainability.

Ideas for objects that tell a story

Giulio Iacchetti: "A well-made design object can become a lifelong companion. But the objects that stand the test of time are those whose role goes beyond their function. They are objects that share a story with us. They arouse emotions and generate a close bond of affection. The most real and most authentic objects are those that evoke strong memories and have a story to tell".

Kristina Zanic: “A preference for matt and digitally printed tiles”

Ceramics are a very big part of the spaces designed by the interior designer Kristina Zanic in the Emirates.

Top-shelf service

Interview with Stephen Fischer

60 years of exemplary customer service recognized by the Confindustria Ceramica North American Distributor Award. Garden State Tile explains its strategy and perspective.

Solus Ceramics: creativity and customised solutions

Interview with Marcus Bentley

Solus Ceramics Ltd., the winner of the Confindustria Ceramica Distributor Award 2016, is one of the UK’s top distributors with showrooms in Birmingham and London

The evolution of ceramic in design culture over the course of a decade

Twenty-five Italian and international architects, who know and use Italian ceramic tiles, discuss their perception of the product and its evolution.

Attention to detail is key

Interview with Gerald King and Matt Houser

Atlanta-based tile & stone distributor Ceramic Technics Ltd is committed to supplying Italian tile for prestigious commercial projects.

Giving voice to materials

Interview with Solano Benítez

For Solano Benítez "architecture 'speaks' through materials, it communicates using ceramic and stone. We acquire knowledge through action".

Architecture plus Location plus Art

Interview with Gino Garbellini

The project laboratory created by a group of friends who followed the same career path from Gregotti Associati in the mid-eighties through to the foundation of the practice Piuarch represents a new form of professionalism in Italian architecture.


Interview with Setsu and Shinobu Ito

Japanese designers Setsu and Shinobu Ito, who work together in Milan, follow a design approach based on the relationship between human beings, nature and technology and share a fascination with Italian design

Microcosms of space and light

Interview with Sandra Barclay e Jean Pierre Crousse

The buildings created by Peruvian architecture practice Barclay & Crousse look like pre-Colombian ruins with pure geometries, seemingly timeless volumes extruded from the soil.

Designing the invisible

Interview with Paolo Asti

Paolo Asti’s architecture practice offers “homeopathic” remedies that give new life to historic buildings in Milan’s city centre.