Market Economics

The hotel market gets back into gear

In the hotel real estate market, global investments total €70 billion, including €26.6 billion in Europe and €3.1 billion in Italy

Vertical farming and neo-manufacturing: welcome to the city of the third millennium

According to a recent study by JLL-Arthesia, urban areas will be increasingly focused on sustainability thanks to innovative farming and manufacturing techniques and will form new asset classes for the real estate sector

The booming U.S. construction market

The construction industry in the U.S. is expected to grow in 2022, despite the ongoing supply chain challenges, including the shortage of building materials and rising prices, lack of skilled labor and expensive land.

The European real estate market weathers the Covid storm

Amid rising prices and increased sales, London and Germany are leading the way

Global markets offer strong investment opportunities

The global real estate market still offers plenty of investment opportunities but is increasingly seeing targets chosen according to connectivity and sustainability

commercio piastrelle di ceramica

World production falls, but Europe holds its ground

The pandemic led to an 8.7% contraction in the global tile market in 2020. Analysis of consumption patterns in the world’s main countries

Design scenarios, solutions for the “new normal”

The Covid-19 pandemic and the measures taken to combat it have brought profound changes to our behaviour and lifestyles, while the lockdowns in particular have forced a significant portion of...

The stay-at-home lifestyle drives the global building sector

Prime global real estate is showing unexpected resilience in the face of the pandemic, as Covid-19 redefines lifestyles all over the world

As Millennials search for homes, ownership begins to replace rental

According to the Cushman & Wakefield report, the world will experience a series of seismic demographic shifts over the next decade. These changes will produce profound impacts, particularly for the real estate sector. India and China are amongst the areas that will see the biggest growth in the real estate market

How real estate markets are changing during the Covid-19 pandemic

Hotels and residential rentals are amongst the worst hit segments.

The impact of Covid-19 on construction and global tile consumption

The pandemic has struck all the world’s continents, albeit with different effects and degrees of severity between one sector and another.

Coronavirus. The action taken by Italian manufacturers to protect workers

The action taken by Italian ceramic companies to protect workers. Confindustria Ceramica donates €200,000 to the Hospital Foundation of Sassuolo and to hospitals in the province of Reggio Emilia for...

A rollercoaster ride for the global construction industry

The market prospects for the construction industry, influenced by low interest rates, declining confidence and the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

China’s new real estate market

The growing role of rehousing and the digital sales channel

Australian residential construction is in decline

More sustainable homes could point the way to new sources of investment

Soft landing ahead

External factors such as the contraction in international trade are impacting the various segments of the building industry and consequently tile consumption

The unexpected cities

Lisbon tops the rankings of European cities in terms of real estate development prospects. Madrid, Amsterdam and Helsinki are also well positioned.

Global real estate markets remain robust in 2018

First-half performance points to a strong finish to the year despite rising uncertainty. This is the picture that emerges from the Jones Lang Lasalle report on the global prospects for the real estate market

How global bathroom renovation is changing according to Houzz

The 2017 Global Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, conducted by the world’s leading platform for home design and renovation, has revealed major changes in the way bathroom renovation projects are being carried out today

Where will the world’s real estate investments be concentrated in 2018?

According to a Knight Frank report, ten of the twenty most attractive cities for prime property investments are in North America. London and Dubai are the top ranking cities for luxury hotels.

An encouraging outlook for the world building industry

More moderate but at the same time more widely distributed growth is expected in the residential building segment (and consequently in tile consumption) in 2018-2019.

European real estate demand

The most important resources are in Germany, the UK and France

Despite its heterogeneity, the residential building segment continues to drive the growth of the ceramic tile industry

A total figure of around US $3,300 billion was invested in the residential building sector worldwide in 2016, equivalent to more than 4% of global GDP.

U.S. construction market: prospects for 2017

U.S. residential construction market is made up of two main segments: new residential construction, the most important sector for ceramic tiles, furniture, electrical appliances and other house products; and new home sales, generating home improvement spending

Sanitaryware: stable turnover but rising in volumes

Volumes generated by ceramic sanitaryware are increasing, while turnover remains stable and investments are decreasing after growth registered in 2015

United Arab Emirates: where construction never sleeps

The strong market performance is expected to improve further ahead of Expo 2020.

Renovation: a 50 billion euros potential market

A million houses ready for renovation can be a driver for recovery and a great investment opportunity as a renovated home can see its value increased by up to 35%