The “Ceramics of Italy” mark is reserved exclusively for Italian-made ceramic products | by Andrea Serri

“Made in Italy” is much more than an indication of geographical origin. It enshrines for a set of values recognised the world over, including quality, transparency, leadership in design, innovation and environmental sustainability. These values, which have been the hallmarks of the Italian ceramic industry since the 1970s, are now embodied in the Ceramics of Italy mark used to represent Italian ceramic tile, sanitaryware and tableware manufacturers belonging to Confindustria Ceramica in global markets.

Through the new regulations for use of the trademark which came into effect at the beginning of 2011, the Association aims to safeguard and promote Italian ceramic products manufactured at factories in Italy. Only products effectively manufactured on Italian soil are now entitled to display the prestigious Ceramics of Italy trademark.

Declaration of origin is a key factor in the process of modernising and adapting products to the requirements of international trade. This process involves a voluntary undertaking on the part of companies to declare the origin of marketed products in accordance with the Recommendation on the origin of products, a document that is a pre-requisite for use of the Ceramics of Italy mark by Confindustria Ceramica member companies. These companies must also comply with the Regulations for use of the mark, which represents a major step forward in promoting transparent sales activities and informed consumer choices.

The Regulation also defines precisely how and for what uses the companies can benefit from the mark. The mark, at the discretion of the manufacturer, can be put on products and packaging, as well as on catalogues, samples, advertising material or displays during trade fairs.


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