Space-saving ideas for smaller bathrooms

When space is tight, super-practical solutions come to the rescue: sanitary fixtures, furniture, showers and taps that combine a small size with guaranteed functionality and innovation

Ventilated façades: the evolution of anchoring systems

The main solutions on the market. The watchwords are pre-assembly and simplified installation.

The technology of change

Climate change and the need to protect the planet are forcing us to change our behaviour patterns. A newly emerging holistic and multidisciplinary approach to design combines the advantages of […]

Ceramic, the queen of business areas

The profound cultural changes that are taking place in the world of work are increasingly blurring the boundaries between working time and free time and fuelling the rise of phenomena […]

Coverings Cancels 2020 Exhibition and Conference Due to Coronavirus

Coverings, the largest international tile and stone exhibition and conference in North America, announced it has canceled Coverings 2020, which was scheduled to take place April 20-23 in New Orleans, Louisiana, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A rollercoaster ride for the global construction industry

The market prospects for the construction industry, influenced by low interest rates, declining confidence and the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

Picasso and the challenge posed by ceramics, on show at the MIC

A material that always fascinated the artist, offering creative inspiration for numerous discoveries and experiments.

Experiential, Sustainable Design: The Way of the Future

Founded in 1968, Atlanta-based design firm tvsdesign embodies what it means to be forward-thinking – everything they produce demonstrates a careful consideration of technology, sustainability, and the user experience.

Signals from the future

An architect and curious intellectual, Italo Rota is capable of appreciating – often in advance – many aspects of the changes that are shaping society and the ways in which technology and science are transforming lifestyles.

China’s new real estate market

The growing role of rehousing and the digital sales channel