Cersaie, the value of high-quality tile laying

For the first time ever, Cersaie is bringing together all the activities and companies involved in ceramic tile installation in a single space. Located in the new hall 31 A, the 2750 square metre Tiling Town will host all the institutional spaces and stands of companies operating in the world of tile laying.

Tiling Town, a space devoted to tile installation

During the five days of Cersaie 2018, the Italian and international tiling world will converge on Tiling Town, the space devoted to tile installation located in the new Hall 31 of the Bologna Exhibition Centre.

Proleveling System, leveling system by Progress Profiles

  Thanks to Proleveling System, the revolutionary patented leveling system by Progress Profiles, floor laying is quick and easy. Proleveling System is based on a range of levelling bases of […]

Installation requirements for a long-lasting tiled floor

Given the many different areas of application of ceramic tiling, it is crucial to perform a detailed analysis of the relevant installation requirements, including project data, specific aspects of the application context and the characteristics of the substrate layers.

Choosing the right adhesive

When installing ceramic tile, the choice of the adhesive or mortar is crucial not just for perfect installation but also for the durability of the tiling. For this purpose, as […]

Installation of ABK Wide panels

One of the aims of ABK’s WIDE panel collection is to provide a hi-tech ceramic material that is easy to use and work with in many different contexts in terms […]

Seven rules for installing large-size ceramic tiles and panels

It is no exaggeration to say that installation contributes at least 51% to the success of floor or wall tiling.

Ceramic tiling in accordance with standards: joints

Joints perform a very important function within ceramic tiled surfaces.

Ventilated façade anchoring systems

Considerations of an aesthetic, economic, energy and performance nature underpin the growing demand for installation of ventilated façades. Although a wide variety of materials can be used, Italian ceramic tiles are the ideal solution given their characteristics of flexibility, aesthetics, inertia, sustainability and durability.

Tiling Town, a wide range of events to be held in Area 49

During the five days of Cersaie 2017, the Italian and international tiling world will converge on Tiling Town, located in Area 49 close to the Piazza Costituzione entrance to the Bologna Exhibition Centre.