Find out more about the wide world of tile installation | by Andrea Serri

You can’t see it, but it’s crucially important. It’s technical in nature but has a big impact on aesthetics. It’s not a tile, but it’s closely related to tiles. Just like ceramic products themselves, the wide and varied world of tile installation has many aspects that require in-depth knowledge to fulfil potential and achieve a high-quality final result.

The technical section of this website contains a wide range of information on the subject of tile laying and will soon be expanded with twelve new technical items. This new content focuses on the Italian standard UNI 11493, ‘Ceramic floor and wall tiling’, which contains three different sections providing instructions for perfect design, installation and maintenance of ceramic surfaces. These three separate but closely connected stages are crucial for creating ceramic floors and walls that meet all requirements in terms of installation quality, safety and high living standards for many years to come.

The second part of the standard outlines the profile of the ideal ceramic tile layer, summarising the skills and knowledge that are needed to perform an operation that at first glance might appear simple but which in reality requires a high level of expertise. Suffice it to think of the sheer variety of sizes, the lengths that range from a few centimetres to more than three metres and the thicknesses that go from a few millimetres to as much as 2 or 3 centimetres, not to mention the many different possible uses.


October 2019