Memory and tradition in Italian ceramics

In this second article devoted to memory and tradition we continue our journey through the aesthetic trends that emerged at last year’s Cersaie. The discussion was inspired by an article […]

The moods that inspire Italian ceramics: poetry

The latest ceramic trends unveiled at Cersaie 2017

Ceramic tiling in accordance with standards: joints

Joints perform a very important function within ceramic tiled surfaces.

The bathroom, increasingly at the heart of the home

An aesthetically designed, ultrafunctional, welcoming and sustainable all-round living space is a fairly accurate description of the contemporary bathroom, reflecting a desire to transform what was once seen as a purely utilitarian space into an environment with a strong design content.

An alliance between manufacturers and distributors

The NAXB purchasing group was set up in 2008 to offer the Scandinavian market a wide range of ceramic products. Last year it purchased 1.5 million square metres of tiles.

Uncompromising quality and a strong customer focus

The Sabag Group is Switzerland’s largest family-owned construction materials distributor. Founded in 1913, it began selling ceramic tiles in the 1950s.

Ventilated façade anchoring systems

Considerations of an aesthetic, economic, energy and performance nature underpin the growing demand for installation of ventilated façades. Although a wide variety of materials can be used, Italian ceramic tiles are the ideal solution given their characteristics of flexibility, aesthetics, inertia, sustainability and durability.

Expert advice as the key to success

Boy Meesenburg, CEO and sole shareholder of Jacob Sönnichsen AG, discusses the strategies of a group that employs 500 people and generates revenues of €170 million.

Travelling the digital ceramic highway

The new website is an integrated information system that combines digital channels with the newly restyled Cer Magazine Italia. It serves as a hub of communication reaching out to all market players, a bridge between the Italian ceramic industry and the various parties involved in the purchasing cycle of this area of Italian excellence.

Mimetic variations

The increasingly high levels of aesthetic and functional performance of porcelain tile are once again grabbing attention at this year’s Cersaie.