The beauty of Cersaie 2018 | by Andrea Serri

True beauty is never the result of a single aspect of excellence but stems from a harmonious combination of many elegant and carefully-balanced elements. This universal principle applies not just to people, objects and events, but also to an exhibition like Cersaie.

The beauty of Cersaie derives from the aesthetics and design of the products exhibited in Bologna, where the most innovative solutions in terms of materials, construction techniques and applications stand side by side with others that epitomise the nature and characteristics of our times. Colour, graphic design, three dimensionality, thicknesses and dimensions, as well as vital characteristics such as environmental sustainability and living quality, are all aspects that are clearly evident to visitors.

The beauty displayed at Cersaie is part and parcel of the show’s international scope. The event brings together exhibitors from 41 countries and visitors from more than 150 nations around the world in a melting pot of different cultures and perceptions, making the Bologna exhibition centre a truly global crossroads for the world of ceramic tiles, bathroom furnishings and surface covering materials. Italian industry stands proudly at the centre in this international network of intersecting pathways and solutions.

The beauty on display at Cersaie stems from knowledge and expertise. Knowledge and culture are important assets in modern competition that derive from, assimilate and convey human values. The Building Dwelling Thinking cultural programme, which over the years has welcomed around ten Pritzker Prize Laureates to speak in the Palazzo dei Congressi, the design conversations held in the Press Cafés, the tile installation showcases, and the design consulting service for homeowners provided as part of the ‘Cersaie designs your home’ initiative are just a few examples of the knowledge and expertise that visitors will find at Cersaie.

Experience the beauty of Cersaie first-hand in Bologna from 24 to 28 September.


June 2018