Goal number 1: produce for the market | by Andrea Serri

Faced on the one hand by an extraordinarily high global demand for Italian ceramic tiles and on the other by the difficulties caused by soaring natural gas prices and the interruption of Ukrainian clay supplies, the Italian ceramic tile producers have come to the unanimous decision to continue their production activities in order to meet the needs of the market even at the cost of a severe loss in profitability.

One of the few positive consequences of the pandemic was the rediscovery of our homes and the desire to renovate them to make them more pleasant to live in. The in turn has led to greater appreciation of ceramic tiles and of the unique characteristics that make them ideal for meeting this primary need. Ease of cleaning, the possibility of sanitising surfaces over and over again without damaging them, resistance to fire and zero emissions, durability for both indoor and outdoor use, frost and weather resistance, together with outstanding colours, surface effects and graphic designs, are all qualities that make Italian ceramic tiles a highly desirable product for consumers the world over.

Despite the record levels of demand for Italian ceramic tiles, producers are having to contend with soaring prices of gas and other production factors, largely due to financial speculation, while the war in Ukraine has further complicated the situation. Despite this, the Italian ceramic tile companies have unanimously chosen to continue to operate in order to meet market demand and honour the commitments they have already undertaken.

However, this has meant finding new clay sources, beginning with the non-Ukrainian suppliers with whom they already had well-established relationships, and securing the best possible contracts to offset the extremely high price of gas, an essential and irreplaceable commodity. This enormous concerted effort will strengthen relations with customers and the market and increase awareness of Italian-made products and the contribution they can make to a high standard of living.


April 2022