Travelling the digital ceramic highway | by Andrea Serri

Article published in: "The advantages and functions of"

The new website is an integrated information system that combines digital channels with the newly restyled Cer Magazine. It serves as a hub of communication reaching out to all market players, a bridge between the Italian ceramic industry and the various parties involved in the purchasing cycle of this area of Italian excellence. Comprehensive, high-quality information, an international vision, integrated tools and a focus on target markets are its four key characteristics.

The website is divided into ten theme areas covering products and projects, interviews and comments, accounts of promotional events and the values of Italian ceramic, and of course economic and market analyses. It also explores the technical and environmental aspects of Italian ceramics and publishes the latest news from the world of business.

The digital revolution brings with it the need for customised communication, which in the case of is achieved in three main ways. The first is to create content specifically created for architects, distributors, construction firms, tile layers and the general public. The second focuses on multi-channel dissemination of content through the website itself, newsletters, apps, product and project galleries, DEMs, events and competitions. The third, and not least important, involves asking everyone who registers on the website ( to indicate their topics of interest to ensure that they receive only communications that are relevant to them.

The global scale of the Italian ceramic industry’s operations is highlighted on the one hand by the fact that 85% of turnover is generated by exports and on the other by the extensive process of manufacturing internationalisation that is under way. To support the industry as a global player, the domain comprises five different websites in Italian, English, French, German and Russian with content targeted specifically at the respective markets. Without sacrificing the enormous value associated with being Italian, it is vital for the country’s ceramic industry to make itself clearly understood in different geographical regions… by speaking German in Berlin and Russian in Moscow!.

So happy reading of both Cer Magazine and the website!