Cersaie Digital: a virtual meeting and business venue | by Simona Malagoli

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Cersaie Digital is Cersaie’s new digital platform. With features such as an exhibitor catalogue, a business matching service, a 3D map and a congress centre, it allows professionals to meet up and do business remotely. While the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings will be held in Bologna from 26 to 30 September, the digital platform will be online from 19 September to 7 October and will provide a unique opportunity for users to explore the latest market trends and gain insights into the world of architecture.

Cersaie Digital offers exhibitors the opportunity to create a digital catalogue which will be visible both to other companies and to visitors to the exhibition. This will allow visitors to discover the new products and collections showcased by the leading international companies in the fields of surfaces, bathroom furniture and contract furnishings.

But Cersaie Digital is much more than an online catalogue, it is also an integrated business matching platform that allows visitors to plan the time they spend at the exhibition and find new partners that fulfil their business needs. The matching algorithm analyses the data entered by users when registering and identifies compatible pairs of companies based on an affinity index indicating potential mutual interests. After confirming interest in one or more companies, visitors can view the digital calendar shared by the exhibitors and book a meeting. As well as planning meetings, users will also be able to use the virtual space to meet online and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Cersaie Digital features a 3D map that not only provides a 360° representation of the space and the location of each exhibitor but also offers users a virtual flight over the exhibition centre based on aerial imagery captured by a drone. Users will also have the opportunity to interact with the booths and access exhibiting companies’ detailed information sheets. The map will also serve as a virtual congress centre for livestreamed events.

The world’s largest exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings is set to return not only as an in-person event but also online thanks to Cersaie Digital.


September 2022