Centro Ceramico’s newly renovated headquarters in Sassuolo will be officially opened on 3 November. The premises have been extensively refurbished with large-scale use of ceramic slabs to improve the usability and aesthetics of the laboratories and other spaces. The renovation marks a major step forward for the research centre and is a project of significant interest to the entire Italian ceramic industry.

The importance of the renovation is highlighted by the calibre of the speakers who will be present at the opening ceremony. Alongside Centro Ceramico’s director Professor Maria Chiara Bignozzi and chairman Roberto Fabbri, speeches will also be given by the Dean of the University of Bologna, Giovanni Molari, and his counterpart at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Carlo Adolfo Porro. The presence of the most senior university representatives in what is Italy’s foremost ceramic-producing region emphasises the close ties between Centro Ceramico and the academic world and the cooperation that is underway in the fields of training and research. The Regional Councillor for Economic Development Vincenzo Colla will also take part together with Confindustria Ceramica Chairman Giovanni Savorani, reflecting the industry’s keen interest in the activities of Centro Ceramico and the importance that the Emilia Romagna regional government attaches to a sector that accounts for more than 15% of the region’s GDP and is the leading segment in terms of export turnover.

Investments are always a sign of confidence and belief in the future. If this were not the case, resources and organisational efforts would be directed towards other goals. Centro Ceramico’s renovated premises confirm this rule, underscoring the Italian ceramic industry’s commitment to a development process that will take it beyond the levels of excellence already achieved, whether this means the application of Industry 4.0 principles, the adoption of a supply chain and manufacturing process focused on environmental sustainability, or the search for ever more advanced products and areas of application.

The forward-looking vision that is so important for the Italian ceramic industry’s international competitiveness is reflected in the sector’s research projects contained in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), a series of actions approved by the government in which Centro Ceramico will play a key role in its bright, newly renovated premises in Via Valle d’Aosta in Sassuolo.


October 2022