A journey into the secrets of ceramics | by Andrea Serri

A 30-month journey exploring the unique qualities of ceramic tile is about to reach its conclusion. The campaign has continued throughout the course of the pandemic and has been a challenging exercise despite the fact that ceramic tile is already used on almost 60% of the world’s residential floors. While this is certainly a very high percentage, it can and must be increased further by promoting awareness and understanding of the product among consumers and users all over the world, with a special focus on the opportunity for new areas of use. 

This journey of discovery of ceramic tile began with a scientific account of the product’s many unique qualities, including durability, non-toxicity, inertness, resistance to frost, scratching and chemical and atmospheric agents, healthiness and sustainability. The next step was to illustrate all its possible uses, from traditional surface covering applications in the various rooms in the home through to heated floors, ventilated façades and furnishing accessories such as kitchen countertops and backsplashes, furniture doors, worktops and tables. The campaign culminated in a series of entertaining comparative videos explaining why ceramic tile is preferable to competitor materials in certain conditions and contexts. In Italy the campaign won no fewer than three awards in the “L’Italia che Comunica” competition promoted by the Italian federation of communication companies UNA.

In the two and a half years since they were first launched on air, the 23 videos making up the digital campaign on the values of ceramics entitled “Ceramics. A safe choice” have been viewed 14 million times on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in markets around the world. The wide-ranging digital marketing campaign, organised around the respective landing pages on staging.ceramica.info, has generated more than 312 million impressions from global consumers interested in renovating their homes or choosing surfaces, providing them with motivation as well as all the product information they need to enable them to make an informed choice. 

By the time you read these lines, the end of the campaign “But ceramic… is a safe choice” will be just a few weeks away. But while the digital promotion activity will end, the universal values conveyed in the 23 videos – which, like ceramic itself, transcend time and space – will continue to be accessible on staging.ceramica.info and its integrated multimedia communication system.


May 2021