urban residential

Jungfrau Center commercial/residential building - Interlaken (CH)

A vibrant envelope

A stone-effect porcelain ventilated façade and paving chosen for the Jungfrau Center complex

Belagflächen: COEM
Private home - Orzinuovi (Brescia)

A three-sided fireplace as focal point of the home

A home renovation project in provincial Lombardy created a warm, welcoming space with a large living area organised around a modern fireplace. The natural, textured look of the ceramic tiling gave the interiors a unique style

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
Apartment in Genoa

On the Waterfront

A 40 square metre space and rooftop terrace for stylish living in the historic centre of Genoa

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
Private home - Varese

A surprising name: AmmazzaCheCasa!

This newly renovated apartment has an unusual name considering its geographical location in the heart of the northern Italian Lombardy region

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
D_B House - Bari

The colour of the sea

A newly-built 130 square metre duplex penthouse in Bari stands out for its interior design inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean. Highlights include the storage and partition modules and the ceramic tiles

Belagflächen: TONALITE

The four lakeside suites offer high-quality interiors built with X-lam wood, while Italian ceramic tiles bring a touch of elegance, personality and sustainability inside and out

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
SQUAT ID 23B Apartment - Prague

Urban romanticism

Nostalgic atmospheres, Art Deco details and black and gold colour combinations were the guiding principles behind the renovation of an apartment in a period building in the heart of Prague

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Palazzo Gaetani - Naro (Agrigento)

Preserving the traces of history

A historic building in the town of Naro in southern Sicily displays traces of past centuries along with a contemporary ceramic tiled floor

Belagflächen: DEL CONCA
Millennium Park Residence - Moscow (RU)

Architectural contrasts

A perfect combination of Nordic rigour and contemporary style, this building located in the heart of Moscow's Millennium Park residential complex stands out for its cosmopolitan architecture and combines Russian tradition with typically modern details

Belagflächen: KEOPE
E House - Egerszalók (HUN)

Pure white

In the spa town of Egerszalók, Hungary, pure white is used as the dominant colour in a 300-square-metre apartment. Ceramic tiles serve as a unifying element on all the surfaces, their colour and texture evoking the beauty of the natural landscape

UpTown residential complex - Milan

Smart regeneration

The first Italian smart district, UpTown Milan covers a total area of 900,000 square metres and has a 250,000 square metre park at its centre. It is a new city neighbourhood fully equipped with physical and digital connections and shared services

Belagflächen: Multibrand
Edificio C - Aversa (CE)

Maintaining a façade

Oltre i vincoli di una preesistenza strutturale per reinventare un manufatto architettonico di qualità, grazie anche all'attento ricorso ai rivestimenti ceramici dell'inA high-quality architectural project overcame the constraints of an existing structure, making excellent use of ceramic tiles as a façade claddingolucro

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Duomo 37 - Tivoli (RM)

Underneath the arches

The architecture practice Nooow Architects is housed amongst exposed brick arches in the historic centre of Tivoli

Belagflächen: ORNAMENTA®
Private Home SN - Noto (Siracusa)

Minimalism with a baroque flavour

A box-like home conceived as a seamless total-white space near Noto in Sicily

Private home - Matera

Timeless comfort

A renovation project in Matera offers a contemporary interpretation of the age-old language of local stone

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
Blue Tought - Regello (FI)

A store converted into a multicoloured home

The renovation project designed by Eutropia Architettura stands out for its optimised use of space, roof lighting and contrasting finishes

Belagflächen: TONALITE
Mouille Point Village Apartments - Cape Town (ZA)

Ocean View

In Cape Town, South Africa, a residential building offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic coast. The colours of the sea enter through the large windows, while light is reflected and enhanced by Italian ceramic tiles

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Private villa, Moscow (RU)

A Moscow interior

A villa in Moscow uses a variety of Italian floor and wall tile collections to create styles ranging from classical to contemporary

Belagflächen: FAP
Private residence

Porcelain in Black & White

A project for a single-family home in the Milanese hinterland focuses on contrasting colours and materials. The innovation and high performance of an astonishing marble-look porcelain contrasts with the traditional appeal of classic travertine

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Parah Boutique - Forte dei Marmi (Lucca)

Like an opulent dressing room

The new Parah Boutique store in Forte dei Marmi, designed by Foro Studio, stands out for its powder pink tones and natural textured surfaces inspired by a sense of authentic femininity and the brand's sophisticated spirit

Page House - Berkeley, CA (USA)

A cubic house

In California, a ceramic art dealer decided to build a home and gallery from this material. The result is a perfect monolithic cube clad with porcelain tile

Belagflächen: NUOVOCORSO
132-136 West Houston Street private residence - New York (USA)

A discreet approach to new building

A new building in the historic heart of New York makes extensive use of Italian ceramic tile as an iconic manifesto for the material's applications

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Carle Private Residence - Turin

A smart and extensive architectural renovation

In this residential renovation, the architects had the opportunity to work on the envelope and roof as a single project, focusing in particular on the new composition of the façades and their energy performance

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE

Torre Prada brings to completion the project for the Fondazione Prada complex which was opened three years ago. The terrace offers panoramic views of the city and features a striking optical-effect black and white paving consisting of porcelain laminate panels installed in a slightly curved and visually-striking layout

Belagflächen: LEA
LuxLine Residential Building - Pori (Finland)

A river runs through it

In Pori, Finland, architect Birgitta Hjelm-Luontola has designed a private residence where the natural surroundings have entered the home and influenced the design choices

Residential and commercial building envelope - Cagliari

Renovation of the former Zedda Piras distillery in Cagliari

The first step in a broader brownfield redevelopment project awarded to the local practice Studio Fadda created a mixed-use residential and tertiary complex with ultra-white, dynamic and multifaceted volumes

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Private Residence - Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

An Art Deco interior in Ho Chi Minh City

A private home in southern Vietnam harks back to the classic splendour of the early twentieth century thanks to an elegant porcelain tile interior


A single tile collection was chosen for both the interior and exterior thanks to its technical characteristics

Belagflächen: FABBRICA
Entrance portal and hall residential building - Pamplona (Spain)

A new entrance to an apartment building in Pamplona

The Monreal-Santos architecture practice redesigned the entrance portal and hall of a conventional seventies apartment building in Pamplona in keeping with design-for-all principles

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Residential complex PerovSky - Moscow (RU)

Mythological residences

The PerovSky residential centre in Moscow, designed by ADM Architects, consists of three 23-storey towers that stand out for their façade finishings and their mythological names of Pegasus, Aquarius and Phoenix

Belagflächen: LEA
Private apartment - Turin (Italy)

A house immersed in light

An apartment designed by a young couple near Turin stands out for its total white walls and a contemporary wood look

Belagflächen: COEM
Cascina Merlata Residential Building - Milan

Living the future

"Part of the masterplan for the urban development of Cascina Merlata, the first residential block aims to create a new landmark in an emerging area of Milan." The complex reflects the residential building vision of architects Citterio-Viel

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Private residence - Perth (Australia)

A minimalist house in Australia

Materials with strong textures and a sophisticated palette of whites, blacks and greys have been used to lend personality to a private residence in Perth

Belagflächen: ITALGRANITI
Private residence - Rome

An apartment on the Via Cassia

The soft tones of timeworn wood reinterpreted in the modern language of ceramic bring a sense of space and light to a small home

Belagflächen: ARIANA

A Rome apartment is organised around an open-space living room, with the kitchen as the central hub of family life.

Belagflächen: ABK
Playground Apartment - Rome

A sports-inspired home

The renovation project for a small apartment in Rome opts for bold and visually-striking graphic solutions and transparent accents

Belagflächen: ABK
Casa Moreno - Rome

Roman holiday

In Rome's Trastevere neighbourhood, a newly-renovated apartment combines bohemian atmospheres with bold and innovative architecture

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Lido Riccio Residence - Ortona, Chieti

Three white houses with a sea view

White forms with simple geometries and a strong personality just a short walk from the sea

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Baltimore Slate House - Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

Wings unfurled in the woods

BaltimoreSlateHouse is a house in the Maryland woods that stands out for its sophisticated primitivism. The project was carried out by Ziger/SneadArchitects

Sapphire Residence Complex - Berlin (D)

The sapphire house

The astonishing Sapphire residential building designed by Daniel Libeskind, a landmark in Berlin's central Mitte neighbourhood, is a complex volume clad with sapphire-like ceramic panels

Building G, Martinelli Area - Morbegno (Sondrio)

A controlled-geometry envelope

High-quality stone-effect porcelain ventilated façades have been chosen for a residential building in Morbegno, where industrial heritage, landscape and contemporary architecture blend together through the use of rational materials and geometric shapes

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
The Residence - Perth (AUS)

A custom dream home

The Residence is a display home where porcelain tiles from express the concept of contemporary luxury

Private home Darling Point - Sydney (AUS)

A panoramic view of Keltie Bay, Sydney

With its full-height windows and neutral colour palette, a luxury apartment in Australia offers breathtaking views

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Bernini2 residential complex - Turin

A new model of residential architecture in Turin

The project by Filippo Orlando + Studio Architetti with Mediapolis Engineering renovated a building originally designed by Asnago and Vender, creating a dynamic and varied complex of 28 apartments

Belagflächen: KEOPE
iHome Residence - Limassol, Cyprus

Opening the Mind

A residential complex in Cyprus offers breathtaking views through large windows overlooking the sea

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Private Loft - Tortoreto Lido (TE)

A loft with a view

An attic apartment by the sea in Italy's Abruzzo region combines an industrial style with a festive holiday atmosphere. And a splash of multicoloured majolica from Vietri

Residential complex - Novate Milanese (MI)

A virtuous suburb

Novate Milanese is a municipality within the metropolitan area of Milan. It is also home to a residential complex designed using discreet but effective solutions to blend in with a diversified urban landscape

Belagflächen: CERIM
Life residential complex - Brescia

Life is a diamond

The Life project focuses on the human dimension of living spaces: tradition and proportion, high-quality materials, plays of light, loggias, terraces and green spaces

Rumaisa Residency Class furnished apartments - Nairobi (Kenya)

A high-profile residence

An iconic residential complex with luxury apartments and meticulously-designed communal areas has been built in Nairobi, the largest city in eastern Africa

Belagflächen: ELIOS
Résidence Le Roc Noir, La Rosière (F)

Alpine hospitality

At La Rosière, a French ski resort in the Savoie department, an aparthotel recreates Alpine charm in a contemporary language

Private apartment - Kiev (Ukraine)

Child's play

The interior design firm Fateeva Design made good use of the technical and aesthetic qualities of ceramic tiles in an apartment renovation project in central Kiev, Ukraine.

Belagflächen: VOGUE
Private home - Kavala (Greece)

Minimal classic

In Kavala, the ancient Greek city of Neapolis located between Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the designer Athanasios Kalafatis created a private residence with an elegant, harmonious atmosphere

Belagflächen: NAXOS
Westwood Lane Residence - Toronto (CND)

A Hollywood villa in Canada

A Hollywood-style villa in Canada stands out for its marble-effect surface coverings. Italian tiles enjoy pride of place in the luxurious interiors designed by renowned Canadian interior designer Flora Di Menna


A historic residence is complemented by a renovation project with a striking design

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Private home - Crespellano (BO)

A restored house in the hills near Bologna

A meticulous home renovation project in the town of Crespellano near Bologna aimed to integrate the property harmoniously into the surrounding context and adapt it to the needs of contemporary living

Private Home - Altavilla Vicentina (VI)

Total porcelain

In a recent renovation project for a single-family home located in the province of Vicenza, porcelain tiles were chosen for the floor covering throughout the interior and on the patio, and also on the interior walls

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Apartment - Milan

Exercises in style

In this recently refurbished apartment in Milan, the refined geometric patterns of the ceramic tiles expand space and create striking graphic effects.

Belagflächen: LEA
Residential Complex Asnières-sur-Seine (France)

An eye-catching residential block just outside Paris

This largely residential block in Asnières-sur-Seine, a town on the banks of the Seine to the north-west of Paris, stands out for the use of ceramic tiles on the façade


In Turin, a project to convert a splendid early-twentieth-century Liberty style villa into an office building involved restoring the decorative elements of the period and setting them in a context of functionality and comfort. The ceramic floor tiles played a key role

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Villa AA - Bagnolo Cremasco (Cremona) Italy

A two-floor villa

A terraced villa located in the village of Bagnolo Cremasco in the province of Cremona has been designed with the utmost attention to details and finishings

Belagflächen: CERIM
Hanes House - Andersonville, TN (USA)

Hanes House, timeless design

This summer residence in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee, an eco-sustainable home for a large family, emerges from the granite rocks of the landscape

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Through House - Toronto, Canada

An urban oasis in Toronto

A renovation project for a single-family home in Toronto, Canada blurs the distinction between interior and exterior and extends the living space into the rear garden, which has the intimacy of a small private zen oasis

Private Villa - Acilia, Rome

An uninterrupted expanse of ceramic

By using porcelain tile as an architectural hallmark in its flooring, furnishing and wall garden, a single-family villa near Rome blurs the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor environments

Belagflächen: ABK
Sanitärkeramik: Ceramica Cielo
LePur Yogurt Shop - Pechino

LePur: Beijing learns to love yogurt

Authenticity, freshness and health are conveyed with creative flair in LePur's flagship yogurt shop, designed by Stefano Avesani and Marcella Campa


The semi-circular arched windows cut out of the ancient Porta Leoni conceal an open-plan apartment that's a treasure chest of past, present, art, design and craftsmanship

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Private House - Ruttenen (Switzerland)

Contemporary rationalism

A private house in Switzerland offers a contemporary interpretation of the Modern Movement.

Belagflächen: SUPERGRES
Casa Azpitia - Mala (Peru)

Rocky textures, sun-filled skies

A house in the Peruvian desert makes judicious use of materials, textures and colours to blend into the surrounding landscape

House G&S, private residence - Naples

Neapolitan minimalism

A sober and meticulously executed home renovation project in the historic Vomero neighbourhood of Naples focused on the open-plan living and kitchen area, exploiting the contrasting/coordinating effect of the parquet and decorated hexagonal tiles to generate unique visual appeal.

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Turnberry Residence - Rosslyn-Arlington,VA (USA)

A window onto Washington D.C.

Turnberry Residence is a luxury condominium close to the US capital. Designed by architecture practice Shinberg.Levinas, it won the Residential Category in the Tile Competition 2016.

Belagflächen: LEA
Private house - Brescia

Understated sophistication

A fine balance of forms and colours brings an air of contemporary elegance to a private house in the Italian province of Brescia

Belagflächen: CASA DOLCE CASA
Palazzo Valperga Galleani - Turin

The most beautiful house in the world

A Baroque building in the heart of Turin's old city centre has been restored to its former glory as part of a meticulous renovation project combining old and contemporary decorative elements. Starting out from the choice of materials

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
KDV Sports, Golf & Tennis Academy - Carrara (AUS)

Sculptural transparency

The most prestigious sports centre on Australia's Gold Coast has been expanded with a transparent, lightweight multipurpose building resting gracefully on the coastal plainvvvvvv

Private Garden - Jacksonville, FL (USA)

American beauty

A sparkling and elegant family home featuring a classic porch, complete with the ever-present rocking chair, and wooden sunbeds set around a swimming pool with the reflection of the invariably blue sky and tall palm trees: the typical American dream home

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Private house - Melbourne (Australia)

A metropolitan villa

A residential project in Melbourne puts a strong accent on open-air living

Belagflächen: CERCOM
Mini Loft - Milan

A mini-loft full of surprises

A miracle! A young Milanese architect has squeezed into just 15 square metres everything you could possibly need to live: kitchen, table, bed, shower and wardrobe. It's all a matter of fit!ssss

Belagflächen: VOGUE
The Furlong Road Residential Complex - London

Indoors and outdoors in London today

A Georgian house that combines the fascination of tradition with a contemporary use of space

Belagflächen: REFIN
Private Residence - Munich (Germany)

When an architect designs for herself

In Munich, the capital of Bavaria, materials inspired by nature add warmth to the geometric rigour of the architectural volumes in Claudia Hauke's light-flooded home

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Private house "Aimant si Passion" - Le Touquet (France)

Dynamic contrasts

The renovation and extension project for a large house in Le Touquet, in northern France, creates an original dialogue between old and contemporary styles

Residence Agriturismo Casagli - Colle di Val d'Elsa (SI)

Sense and sensibility

An old farmhouse in the Tuscan hills has been remodelled using traditional techniques and contemporary materials

Belagflächen: COEM
Montebar Villa - Medeglia, Ticino Canton (Switzerland)

An inhabited monolith

Villa Montebar is a prefabricated home set in landscaped grounds in the Swiss Alps. Looking like a cross between a monolith and a spaceship, it subverts the common image of a peaceful mountain chalet

360° Apartment - Alto da Lapa, São Paulo Brasile

Porcelain graphic patterns and wood panels

In the Alto da Lapa residential area in São Paulo, a signature interior design project by Diego Revollo puts the spotlight on the materials

Private House - Piombino (LI)

Designer and producer: a successful partnership

Attention to detail together with respect for the quality of existing elements are the key features of a restoration project in Piombino designed by Antonietta Ottanelli

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Private Residence - Glynde (AUS)

A sand coloured living room

In Glynde, Australia, a ceramic tile design tailored to the specific needs of the owner produced an open-space living room with soft colours

Belagflächen: ITALGRANITI
Private residence - Nacka (Sweden)

Nordic living

gggggggggImmersed in the silence and light of Northern Europe, a house near Stockholm stands out for its simple, functional design, including ceramic tiles chosen to underscore the minimalist style

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Private House - Perth (Australia)

A tailor-made home

From its spatial layout to its finishing materials - first and foremost the ceramic floor coverings - a villa in Perth, Western Australia, gets an array of bespoke, high-performance solutions to enhance its interaction with the natural environment

Belagflächen: SUPERGRES
Private House - Logatec (Slovenia)

Wood: a tribute to the surrounding forests

The kitchen/dining area blends in with the style of the rest of the contemporary villa but above all reflects the trends and aspirations of the young Slovenian architects

Belagflächen: SUPERGRES
Residenza Ferrucci 36 - Turin

Like a block of stone

This architecture project within the existing urban fabric focused on aesthetic quality and energy efficiency. A modern ceramic ventilated façade played a key role

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Private House - Aversa (CE)

Form is substance

Formal and technological research coexist effectively in an innovative residence in the city of Aversa, where creativity is supported by rigorous construction choices

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Private residence - Paris (F)

At home on the Rive Gauche

A roomy, luminous Parisian apartment in a 19th century building has been chosen by a fashion designer and art collector as her new home in the French capital.

Belagflächen: VOGUE
Private residence - Brest (F)

Glass and ceramic for looking at nature

The innovative solutions adopted for this villa in the Brittany countryside in France create balanced, well-lit spaces and volumes. Light floods in through the large windows, while the luminous use of ceramic highlights the intention of blending in with the landscape

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Private House - Franciacorta (BS)

The charm of Franciacorta

Blending into the landscape of this area of Lombardy famous for its production of still and sparkling wines, a neo-rationalist villa orchestrates a rhapsody of rarefied spaces and designer furnishings brought together harmoniously by the ceramic tiling

Belagflächen: FLOOR GRES
Private residence - Vizzolo Predabissi (MI)

Modernity with a retro taste

A radical renovation project carried out on an old country house in Vizzolo Pedrabissi, a town in the plains near Milan, has created a minimalist apartment where the concrete-look ceramic tiles help to create a warm atmosphere in spite of the sparse furnishings

Belagflächen: CASAMOOD
Private House - Essex, Great Britain

A new look for a Victorian style home

A home renovation project by Spatial Design Architects revisits a distinctive British style of architecture

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Pearl Valley Golf Estate House 482 - Paarl (South Africa)

Conversing with nature

A successful combination of nature and artifice is key in this villa overlooking the golf courses in the South African garden city of Paarl. The ceramic tiling has played a major role in the project

Residential Complex "Bosco verticale" - Milano

A Vertical Forest in the heart of Milan

Living in nature without sacrificing comfort, security or a central location

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Private villa - Kufstein (A)

Urban living in the Tyrol

A project where interior and exterior blend seamlessly to create a strong sense of material and visual continuity

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Bahia Plaza residential complex - Portorico (USA)

A retreat in Puerto Rico

The Paseo Caribe residential complex in the Puerto Rican capital is a highly organised paradise for permanent vacations, with the Bahia Plaza luxury residence at its heart

Belagflächen: ITALGRANITI
Residenza privata - Torino

A very modern classic

An apartment in Turin invents rigorous spaces and volumes in a homage to rationalist architecture and metaphysical painting. But without renouncing strong, broad colours. Starting in the bathroom

Belagflächen: VOGUE
Private Villa - Mondello (PA)

Sicilian contrasts

Outside, the strength and colours of nature. Inside, rigour and a rationalist design. A neutral coloured villa in Mondello

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Private House - Aventura, FL (USA)

Discreet luxury in Aventura

An all-female interior design team has chosen clean lines and an elegant colour palette for a single family residence in Florida

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Palazzina Residenziale - Riccione (RN)

A powerful contrast of tones and material

This two-unit building is characterised aesthetically by the alternation of a pale-coloured trowelled render with oak effect ceramic surfaces

Haus Boscha - Lipsia

The White House

A residential building in Leipzig experiments with solids and voids and the use of pure materials: glass, concrete and wood

Belagflächen: CASAMOOD
Private House - Cambrai (F)

A modern-day chateau

In the gently rolling French countryside about a hundred kilometres from Calais, a single family residence explores an original relationship between history, nature and architecture. Aided by the skilful use of ceramic tile

Private residence - Bologna

A metropolitan loft

An interior design project in Bologna saw a 1950s apartment converted into a loft with a strong personality

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Appia Antica House - Rome

Living in colours

The refurbishing project for this apartment in Rome focused on a rational redistribution of spaces and the use of bold colours, especially in the bathrooms

Belagflächen: BARDELLI
Private residence - Novi Ligure (Alessandria)

Living in a former silk mill

A home renovation project in Novi Ligure was carried through in keeping with history

Campbell House - Edmonton (Canada)

An elegant Canadian home

The home offers a journey through the world of natural stone. Travertine is combined with metal, dark wood and warm earth tones

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Isolino Residence - Verbania

A lakefront living room

A few simple, local materials are used to enhance the architectural value of an essential building envelope

Belagflächen: CERIM
Private residence - Lecco

Ceramic tiles take centre stage

From the large grey industrial-style panels that lend warmth to the elegant minimalism of the interior to the formwork effect of the garden pavement, ceramic tile plays a pivotal role in the interior design of this new apartment

Belagflächen: CASA DOLCE CASA
Private residence - Milan (Italy)

The past life of a (mini) loft

A functional open space with a strong character, largely achieved through the use of visually striking and eco-friendly ceramic floor tiles.

Belagflächen: MONOCIBEC
Business-residential Building - Chiasso (Switzerland)

Dynamic facade

Compositional rigour and high technical specifications characterise the curtain wall of this residential building in Chiasso

Belagflächen: CASAMOOD
Sveavägen 44 Building Facade - Stockolm (Sweden)

A virtuous example in Stockholm

A high tech building with Art Nouveau styling

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Holiday Farm "Agriturismo del Lepre" - San Quirico di Sorano (GR)

Immanent silence, profound quiet...

In a context which is as moving as Leopardi's Infinito, in Tuscany, the Podere del Lepre holiday farm renews the tradition of excellence in hospitality

Belagflächen: MONOCIBEC
Private residence - Bologna

Architecture, an unfolding of routes

This highly effective architecture project explores a new approach to the interiors and exteriors of a single-family dwelling

Villa Nesi - Ivrea

Simply red

A renovation project carried out by the Archisbang architecture practice provided an opportunity to make skilful use of a ceramic finish on the various scales of the project

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Piccoli Residence - Griffith (AUS)

Form = matter

This is the philosophy that inspired the design of this house/village made up of a number of residential volumes

Private residence - Vicenza

A multifunctional terrace

In a renovation project for a single-family home located between Vicenza and Padua in northeast Italy, a covered terrace has been converted into a living area ideal for use during the warmer months of the year

Belagflächen: MONOCIBEC
Private residence Eur - Rome

Material dialogues

Sottotitolo ENSurfaces as a language for communication. A link between the exterior and interior

Belagflächen: Mutina
STU 109 B residential development - Parma

Big is beautiful

Architecture as a way of reaffirming the quality of urban planning. Ceramic as a high-quality material that combines aesthetics with energy efficiency and sustainability

Residence Punta Grò - Sirmione (BS)

Aesthetics and functionality

Aesthetic qualities combine with functionality in a project by Luca Forghieri for the swimming pool area of Residence Punta Grò on Lake Garda

Belagflächen: MONOCIBEC
Private residence Garden City - Rome

A historical renovation

A bright, modern open space in Rome's Monte Sacro district

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Sanitärkeramik: Catalano
Mötteliweg residential development - Zurich (CH)

Shades of grey

A residential development in Zurich where the architecture dialogues with the surrounding greenery without slavishly adhering to models from the past

Belagflächen: ERGON
Gramercy Townhouse - New York City (USA)

Rear window

Visually striking spaces, designer objects and distinctive furnishings dominate the renovation project for the Gramercy Townhouse, a building from 1848

Private Villa - Le Rheu (France)

Around the patio

In a detached villa in Le Rheu, France, the geometric rigour of the project is mitigated by a dialogue between interior and exterior and the expressive power of the chosen materials

Private residence - Montereale (AQ)

Interlocking volumes

A renovation project where interior and exterior floor tile coverings were used to create a sense of visual continuity

Belagflächen: MONOCIBEC
Santa Caterina Residence - Verona

"Digital" neo-rationalism


Private Residence - Pomezia (Rm)

A private apartment in Pomezia

In a new contemporary home, it is the floor coverings that dictate the use of colour, light, materials and finishes

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Sanitärkeramik: Cielo
Private residence - Hjørring (Denmark)

The Nordic warmth of Denmark

A minimalist atmosphere dominates this apartment in Northern Denmark. The sober Nordic design of the spaces and furnishings blends perfectly with the all-Italian ceramic tiles

Belagflächen: VERDE
Central Saint Giles - London (GB)

Ladies and gentlemen, ceramic tiles!

A vibrant new development by Renzo Piano puts ceramic on London's architectural map

Belagflächen: REFIN
Ogrody Grabiszyńskie Residential Complex - Wroclaw (PL)

Park view

The Ogroby Grabiszynskie complex is located in a prestigious residential district of Wroclaw. The project devoted considerable attention to the finishing materials, including the porcelain ventilated façade panels

Villa Pujol - Puerto Andratx, Palma de Majorca (Spain)

Luxury in white

In Palma de Majorca, a villa dominates the surrounding landscape, its quiet luxury in harmony with the light and sea of the Balearic Islands

Belagflächen: CENTURY
Private house - Warsaw (Poland)

The bathroom takes
centre stage

A fifty square metre renovated space organised around the bathroom, which becomes the heart of the entire project. An important role is played by the ceramic tiling, designed to coordinate perfectly with water.

Belagflächen: MONOCIBEC
Centro commerciale e residenziale Cvjetni - Zagreb (Croatia)

A new complex in Flower Square

The new Cvjetni multifunctional complex opened in Zagreb's central "Flower Square" in May last year adds to the elegance and discreet charm of this cosmopolitan city.

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Simplon Udvar - Budapest (Hungary)

Simplon Udvar in Budapest

A prestigious residential complex located in the South Buda area which makes innovative compositional use of colour on the external elevations

Private house - Vitoria (Spain)

A skin made of ceramic

An innovative ceramic cladding was the successful solution adopted on this building. Like a tailor-made second skin, it assures perfect protection against the elements and outstanding aesthetic appeal. When the sun shines, the house appears to radiate pure light thanks to its snow-white skin

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Smyrna Park residential complex - İzmir (Turkey)

Smyrna Park, a splendid view over the Aegean

A six-block complex with a sober and rational style offering sea view apartments with long continuous balconies and, inside, luxury made ​​in Italy ceramic surfaces

Belagflächen: NOVABELL
Morgado Lusitano apartment complex - Póvoa de Santa Iria (Portugal)

Living in style

A large apartment complex in Lisbon offers an excellent example of elegance and sustainability.

Belagflächen: FLOOR GRES
Private residence - Wil (Switzerland)

Strictly white. Objective: design


Belagflächen: CIPA GRES
Private House - Reitano (ME)

A private residence in Reitano

A project to partially renovate the ground floor basement of a country house and transform it into a taverna

Belagflächen: DOMUS LINEA
Ledley King House - Hertfordshire (GB)

Made in Italy? Yes, please

A prestigious private residence in the English countryside makes stunning use of Italian ceramic tiles

Private house - Béziers (F)

Italian tiles enjoy pride of place in France

In a villa in Béziers in the Languedoc region, the ceramic tile collections of a Modena-based company are the key players in the interior design project

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Privat house - Herzelia, Tel Aviv (IL)

Total privacy in Herzelia

A fortress-style villa with a strongly contemporary flavour enclosed by an external terracotta shell like a second skin

Belagflächen: SANNINI
Parc Huron Residential Complex - Chicago, IL (USA)

Parc Huron Residence in Chicago

Luxury, quiet and comfort in the heart of the city on the shores of Lake Michigan

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Private house - Miami Beach, FL (USA)

Black and White in the blue of Miami Beach

A loft converted into a bright, minimalist apartment in which the interior design is dominated by a combination of mosaic and materials with a glass soul.

Belagflächen: Trend
Delta Zero residential+office building - Lugano (CH)

Delta Zero: hi-tech with a view

A prestigious multifunctional building located in Lugano, Switzerland stands out for the flexibility of its interior spaces.

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Sant'Agostino Multifunctional Centre - Paderno Dugnano (Milan)

Sant'Agostino Multifunctional Centre

An innovative ceramic tile installation layout and unusual colours lend architectural strength to a building with simple shapes

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Private house - Sorni di Lavis (Trento)

Glass + ceramic = a perfect match

An architect's studio offered an opportunity to experiment with forms and materials in perfect harmony with nature.

Belagflächen: COEM
Private house - Budapest (H)

Rationalism revisited

A single-family house in Budapest emphasises the concept of modularity in terms of both surfaces and volumes. An exercise in applied geometry for a modern contemporary villa.

Sanitärkeramik: Simas
Private House - Odesssa (UA)

An eclectic project on the Black Sea coast

In a park close to the Odessa coast, a house celebrates the combination of local customs and Anglo-French inspirations

Belagflächen: SETTECENTO
Yoo Tower Residential Complex - Tel Aviv (IL)

Two towers designed by Starck in Tel Aviv

Yoo Tel Aviv 1 and Yoo Tel Aviv 2 rise respectively to 37 and 41 storeys and contain a total of 300 apartments

Belagflächen: APPIANI
Multifunctional complex "How More International Center" - Shanghai (CHINA)

Post-rationalist revolution


Belagflächen: SANNINI
Ca' Silis Residential Complex - Jesolo (VE)

Artifice and Nature


Belagflächen: SANNINI
Building Complex in Via Forze Armate - Milan

Views over the rising city


Belagflächen: FLOOR GRES
Tempe Urban living - Tempe, AZ (USA)

Open-sky living in Arizona

Designed as a 3D pictorial composition, Tempe Urban Living combines minimalism and visual appeal

Private House - Rome

When smaller... is bigger

Architect Gaia Solustri has remodelled her home on the edge of Rome's Trastevere district, enlarging the perception of space using visually appealing bookcases

Belagflächen: COEM
Sanitärkeramik: Ceramica Catalano
Private house - Seijo (J)

The pure white house

Rarefied elegance created by an abundance of light and choice of materials

Belagflächen: REFIN
VQ Radisson Sas Residence - Dubai (UAE)

Apartments in Dubai

The appeal and quality of Italian ceramic tiles are the unifying element of the interiors and exteriors of Pier 24

Belagflächen: FLOOR GRES