business locations

Inox Tecnica Headquarters - Soliera (MO)

When industry meets modernity

The project for the new Inox Tecnica premises in the province of Modena combines a visually striking concept with hi-tech materials

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Headquarters of GBG, Global Biomarketing Group - Chișinău (MD)

Interior design as visual identity

The character of the Moldovan company GBG is reflected in the essential lines and understated elegance of its new headquarters

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Kirk Kapital Headquarters - Copenhagen (DK)

Attractive and sustainable

The new Danish offices of Kirk Kapital combines elegant minimalism with a choice of sophisticated materials. The sober architecture and interiors are enhanced by Italian ceramic tiles installed using environmentally-friendly methods

Belagflächen: LEA
World Trade Center Propellergatan - Malmö (Sweden)

A building reminiscent of the sea in Malmö

Designed by architect Anders Blomqvist Carsten, the World Trade Center Propellergatan has a ventilated façade with anti-smog treatment that echoes the shimmering effect of sea waves

Arbe 49 residential building - Milan

Green architecture

A new residential building in Milan uses porcelain tiles to create an envelope that combines living comfort, energy performance and a low environmental footprint

Belagflächen: RAGNO
Tartarini Auto - Castel Maggiore (BO)

Technology and renovation for Tartarini Auto

A factory building dating back to the early 1960s has been completely refurbished by the Bologna-based practice Link Studio STP using dry-laid ultra-thin laminated stoneware panels

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Technip Energies headquarters - Paris

Origine, a white cliff-like building in La Défense

Technip Energies' new headquarters in the Parisian financial district reconciles nature and architecture and features a large lobby reminiscent of the Guggenheim Museum in New York

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Millo Office Building - Bucharest (Romania)

Millo Office Building, the new face of Bucharest

A dynamic, vibrant office complex has given a fresh new look to the Romanian capital. The monumental façade was created using Italian porcelain stoneware

Belagflächen: MIRAGE
Güterbahnhof office building - Tübingen (D)

New offices built as part of Tübingen’s urban redevelopment

A new business complex is part of a project to redevelop a large railway freight yard, now transformed into a revitalised district serving the city and one of Europe's oldest universities

Belagflächen: COEM

Asti Architetti has renovated the antiquated former A2A building located alongside the ADI Design Museum, transforming it with a new, open glass and metal façade and the aesthetics of large-format porcelain stoneware tiles

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Mozzanica Headquarters - Osnago (LC)

An industrial heritage

The project by Alessandro Villa Studio for the Mozzanica Headquarters in Osnago in the province of Lecco is the winner of the Commercial category of Confindustria Ceramica's "Ceramics and Design" award. The materials and colours recall the industrial origins of the multifunctional complex

Belagflächen: MARAZZI

An Italian-made porcelain rainscreen façade graces the company's new German headquarters, a perfect combination of aesthetics, versatility and energy efficiency

Belagflächen: FLORIM
525 West Van Buren Office Building - Chicago, IL (USA)

Chicago, new atmospheres combining history and architecture

The elegant Illinois city, where history's greatest architects have left their mark, has seen countless high-end housing and workplace renovation projects

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Sharing tower / De Oliphant - Amsterdam (NL)

The metamorphosis of De Oliphant in Amsterdam

The firm OZ Architect has given a new look to an office tower originally designed in the 1990s by Hans van Egmond and now renamed The Sharing Tower

Belagflächen: COEM
Ferrero Headquarters - Luxembourg

From Piedmont to the world

The new Ferrero Headquarters in Luxembourg combines exquisite Italian flavours, design and lifestyle with the brand's international appeal and organisational structure

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Esseti Headquarters - Mirandola (MO)

A headquarters for the future

A simple composition, clean aesthetics, a contemporary look and sustainability are the distinguishing features of Esseti Meccanica di Precisione's new headquarters in Mirandola (MO)

Headquarters of Bonfiglioli Group's D&P division - Calderara di Reno (BO)

Inclusive collaboration

The renovated headquarters of the Bonfiglioli Group's D&P division in Calderara di Reno, Bologna is an NZEB building designed to facilitate communication between the production areas and the administration centre

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
BGI Brewery headquarters - Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

The unifying power of beer

The design process for the BGI Ethiopia brewery in the centre of Addis Ababa reflects the search for a connection between different worlds and global practices

Belagflächen: LEA
Snaidero Showroom - New York

Italian settings

The new Snaidero showroom in New York, designed by Studio Mazzer Architects, tells the story of Italian architecture through its craftsmanship and style choices, including the terrazzo-effect surface coverings inspired by Venetian villas

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Pharos office complex, Amsterdam (NL)

Tomorrow’s office is already here

The Pharos office complex, recently refurbished according to the latest principles of sustainability and the circular economy, allows for a perfect work-life balance

Belagflächen: CAESAR
"Un diavolo per capello" Hair Salon - Camucia (AR)

The devil is in the haircut…

A hair styling salon in the province of Arezzo defies all conventions. A cross between an art gallery and a metropolitan fashion boutique, it stands out for its geometric layout centred around an astonishing design object

Belagflächen: NOVABELL
New A Due headquarters - Collecchio (PR)

A focus on human beings and their habitat

Interpersonal relationships and the interaction between humans and their environment were the guiding principles behind this industrial project

Belagflächen: Multibrand
New SMC Italia headquarters - Brugherio (MB)

Workspaces for the new normal

The new SMC Italia headquarters in Brugherio has three office floors, a central courtyard with a skylight that allows natural light to reach all the interior spaces, and a new warehouse. The project was awarded to the practice e45 Genuine Italian Design

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE

Custom-made coloured body porcelain stoneware slabs were chosen for the ventilated façades

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Aréna Business Campus, Budapest

Sustainability in the workplace

A large office complex close to Budapest city centre proposes an innovative vision of the workplace that combines a low environmental impact with a focus on quality of living

Belagflächen: LEA
Fanuc Headquarters - Lainate (MI)

The new Milanese home of automation excellence

The Milan headquarters of the Japanese automation giant reflects the company's corporate identity, particularly through the choice of high-performance, reliable and versatile materials

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Rearth Inc. Headquarters - Bucheon (South Korea)

A punctuated façade

Rearth Inc., a leading Korean distributor of smartphone accessories, opened in Bucheon its new headquarters

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Complex in Via Principe Amedeo 5 - Milan

The third dimension

When a historic building in the centre of Milan was completely renovated to meet the needs of contemporary living, porcelain floor tiles were used to create an intriguing trompe-l'oeil effect linking past and future

Belagflächen: LEA
Vox Technlology Park - Timisoara (Romania)

A state-of-the-art business premises

With its flexible, appealing and multifunctional spaces, the imposing Vox Technology Park in Timisoara reflects many aspects of the city's contemporary urban and business culture

Van Huele offices - Ostend (B)

110 years in the construction industry

Van Huele, a construction company founded in Ostend, Belgium in 1909, works on a wide range of construction and renovation projects ranging from roads, dams and bridges through to residential buildings, churches and offices

Belagflächen: FLORIM
New CRS Sinergie branch - Varese

A workspace flooded with natural light

Formal simplicity, contemporary design and dramatic touches are the hallmarks of the new CRS Sinergie offices in Varese

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Jungfrau Center commercial/residential building - Interlaken (CH)

A vibrant envelope

A stone-effect porcelain ventilated façade and paving chosen for the Jungfrau Center complex

Belagflächen: COEM
Mallol Design House - Panama

Architecture as a statement

The most important architecture firm in Central America has built a new headquarters as a calling card for its own design and work philosophy

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Hofman Animal Care headquarters, Enter (NL)

Enduring transparency

The Hofman family's project combines transparency with a long-term vision

Belagflächen: DEL CONCA
Duomo 37 - Tivoli (RM)

Underneath the arches

The architecture practice Nooow Architects is housed amongst exposed brick arches in the historic centre of Tivoli

Belagflächen: ORNAMENTA®

The new Fastweb Headquarters designed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel is an integral part of the Symbiosis project for the new Milan business district characterised by imposing buildings and the maximum environmental sustainability. The project adopts ultra-thin large ceramic panels for the façade cladding

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE

A unique metal cladding envelops a luxury multi-level car showroom

Discovery Place office/retail complex - Johannesburg (ZA)

A democratic microcosm

Discovery Place in Johannesburg, South Africa is a kind of microcosm designed to foster well-being, creativity and interaction between employees

Belagflächen: FAP
Magyar Telekom Headquarters - Budapest (H)

An architectural paradigm for innovative office buildings

Projects of big scale are made up of multiple elements, one of the most important of which is the ability to embrace an innovative vision for the future of workplace management

Belagflächen: ITALGRANITI
Artis REIT Headquarters - Winnipeg (Canada)

A graceful and sober renovation in Canada

In Winnipeg, Canada, functionality and elegance come together in the new headquarters of a real estate investment trust created by a female-dominated interior design firm

Belagflächen: CAESAR

Torre Prada brings to completion the project for the Fondazione Prada complex which was opened three years ago. The terrace offers panoramic views of the city and features a striking optical-effect black and white paving consisting of porcelain laminate panels installed in a slightly curved and visually-striking layout

Belagflächen: LEA
Residential and commercial building envelope - Cagliari

Renovation of the former Zedda Piras distillery in Cagliari

The first step in a broader brownfield redevelopment project awarded to the local practice Studio Fadda created a mixed-use residential and tertiary complex with ultra-white, dynamic and multifaceted volumes

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Vulcangas Headquarters - Rimini

Sunlit workspaces

The Vulcangas headquarters in Rimini reflects the company's mission and the principles of bioclimatic architecture

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Siemens Headquarters - Milan (Italy)

Casa Siemens in Milan

The German multinational's new Milan headquarters reflects a long-term vision that aims to make the company a leading player in what has been referred to as the fourth industrial revolution

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE

An intelligent urban regeneration project has given a second lease of life to a long-abandoned industrial building, transforming it into an efficient workplace that stands out for its contemporary materials and spaces

115 West Street - Johannesburg (South Africa)

The natural choice made by Paragon Architects

The prestigious new headquarters of the financial group Alexander Forbes successfully combines energy efficiency and innovation with a parterre paved entirely with Italian ceramic tile

Central Bank of Ireland - Dublin (IRL)

An environmentally-conscious bank

The new headquarters of the Central Bank of Ireland was built by renovating an existing structure and adopting technical solutions to optimise energy performance. It was the first building in the country to obtain Outstanding BREEAM certification and an A2 BER energy rating

Belagflächen: ITALGRANITI
Sede Telekom - Bonn (D)

Splendid atmospheres

The canteen in the Telekom headquarters in Germany stands out for its elegant interior design

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Prysmian Group Headquarter - Milan

New energy

In contemporary Milan, the old energy-intensive industries are being replaced by new manufacturing facilities where the vital energy is that of the mind and the basic requirement for achieving it is the psychophysical well-being of human beings

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Business Hall Platov Airport - Platov (RU)

The Doorway to the Caucasus

Platov's new airport is the most important in southern Russia. Completed in time to welcome visitors to this year's FIFA World Cup, the international hub is intended to remind air travellers of the beautiful countryside around the nearby city of Rostov and the Don river. These associations are powerfully reinforced by the design of the VIP lounge, by Vox Architects

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Building G, Martinelli Area - Morbegno (Sondrio)

A controlled-geometry envelope

High-quality stone-effect porcelain ventilated façades have been chosen for a residential building in Morbegno, where industrial heritage, landscape and contemporary architecture blend together through the use of rational materials and geometric shapes

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
La Filature office complex - Rouen (F)

A truly illuminated construction

Eye-catching and sustainable, the new offices of the Matmut insurance group are a fascinating addition to the architectural panorama of Rouen

Belagflächen: FLORIM
IV Group Headquarters - Bratislava (SK)

A contemporary headquarters

The project for the new Bratislava headquarters of the VI Group real estate company designed by Smerek Architects aimed to recreate an industrial style in a building dating back to 1919. Tile collections from Marca Corona played an important role in the interior design

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Tubettificio Pedercini - Coccaglio (BS)

A new image for aluminium pipe maker Tubettificio Pedercini

The project by Roberto Taglietti has expanded and renovated an outdated production complex, giving it greater unity, new spaces and a fresh image

Belagflächen: FLORIM

Rigour and compositional elegance are the keynotes of this Business Centre, which stands out for its simple aesthetics

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Grafiche Valpolicella Headquarters - Pescantina, Verona (I)

Chromatic and compositional harmony

Un intervento caratterizzato dalla continuità fisica e percettiva tra ambiente interno e spazio esterno che mette in evidenza l'accurato studio di forme, materiali e colori, dove la ceramica svolge un ruolo da protagonista

Belagflächen: REFIN
VIB Offices - Neuburg an der Donau, D

A building close to nature on the banks of the river Danube

The new VIB AG headquarters in Neuburg an der Donau stands out for its interaction between interior and exterior, dynamism, luminosity and integration with nature

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Toyota dealership - Cedar Park, Tx (USA)

Technology and design in Cedar Park

The Texas Hill Country aesthetics and Austin's eclectic blend of design were major influences in the new Toyota of Cedar Park dealership project

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Delta Airlines Headquarters - Atlanta, GA (USA)

Friendly and informal with a touch of glamour

Open, dynamic and metropolitan, the Delta Airlines headquarters' new look is an invitation to fly, work and communicate

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Media Math 4 World Trade Center - New York (USA)

A creative hub in New York City

The New York studio of Jennifer Carpenter Architect won the Tile Competition's Commercial award for their work in Media Math's new offices.

Belagflächen: REFIN

Reale Mutua's new offices in the centre of Turin are energy efficient, architecturally striking and extremely functional.

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
De Resident, VWS and SZW ministries - the Hague (Holland)

Porcelain carpets like Flemish paintings

The tiled floors of these two government ministries in the Hague offer visitors a journey through architecture and art, from Berlage to Vermeer.

Belagflächen: COEM
LePur Yogurt Shop - Pechino

LePur: Beijing learns to love yogurt

Authenticity, freshness and health are conveyed with creative flair in LePur's flagship yogurt shop, designed by Stefano Avesani and Marcella Campa

KDV Sports, Golf & Tennis Academy - Carrara (AUS)

Sculptural transparency

The most prestigious sports centre on Australia's Gold Coast has been expanded with a transparent, lightweight multipurpose building resting gracefully on the coastal plainvvvvvv

Dental Clinic Dr. Froio - Montepaone Lido (Catanzaro)

A seaside dental clinic

A refurbished dental clinic inspired by the white and blue of the Gulf of Squillace

Belagflächen: FABBRICA
Fael Luce Headquarters - Agrate Brianza (MB)

Light has found a new home

Simplicity of form and contemporary design are the key features of Fael Luce's new headquarters in Agrate Brianza

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Royal Dutch Gazelle factory - Dieren (Holland)

Adding value to the past while pointing to the future

This major architectural renovation cleverly combines the old and the modern in a dynamic dialogue between traditional and contemporary materials, classical construction techniques and avant-garde design

Belagflächen: REFIN
Giornale di Brescia daily newspaper offices

A balanced approach to the rearrangement of space

Editoriale Bresciana has remodelled its headquarters to shape the space and quality of its work areas around the new requirements of a radically reformed organisational structure

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Cantine Sgarzi - Castel San Pietro (Bologna)

Fine living, Italian style

More than just good wine! Passion, culture and history inspired this wine producer's mission to communicate quality through architecture

Belagflächen: LEA
New Alexander Forbes headquarters - Johannesburg, South Africa

Functionality, environmental quality and high energy-efficiency

The Alexander Forbes office complex stands out for the vitality and dynamism of its interiors, set against the silently sober presence of the ceramic floor coverings used on every level

Le Salon Coiffeur-Visagiste - Voiron (France)

A salon with character

Original colours and coverings set the glamorously sparkling tone of a small beauty salon in France

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Headquarters Essens Europe - Brno (Rep. Ceca)

A fast-moving company in the Czech Republic

Essens - a company whose name is a hybrid between the words "essence", "sense" and the Czech word "sen", meaning "dream" - took less than a year to build its new headquarters in Moravia

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Sag Tubi Offices - Novellara (RE)

Continuity of colour and material

Transformed through a renovation project that exploits the uniformity of the ceramic surfaces used for the interiors and on the exterior envelope, the Sag Tubi offices provide a bright, comfortable and functional work environment

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Kaye-Scholer-Headquarters - New York (USA)

A hundred years of law

For their new head offices, New York lawyers Kaye Scholer have selected an interior design by Gensler and the sustainable architecture of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Scarabeo Ceramiche Headquarters - Fabrica di Roma (VT)

A building with two souls

A two-floor building with showrooms and new offices uses cacao-coloured ceramic cladding to underscore the functional and structural diversity of the volumes

ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre - St. Petersburg (RU)

Romantic yet practical

The new Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre in St. Petersburg reflects the city's strategic commercial role and focus on business

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Coworking space - Bruges (B)

A new coworking space

A minimalist, modern interior design exploits cool tones and transparencies to create elegant, distinctive and versatile spaces

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Tribes Mobile Office Network - Eindhoven (NL)

Tribes, a new coworking concept in Eindhoven

A multilevel structure in the Flight Forum business park designed by MVRDV caters for "business nomads", offering hybrid and multifunctional spaces that combine workstations with a gym, a library, a bar and a restaurant

Natali Building - La Spezia

Rigour and innovation

A high-quality tertiary project is emerging from the ruins of an abandoned industrial site. One of the highlights is an elegant building enclosed in a functional and visually striking ceramic envelope

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Nuovo Polo Produttivo MTA - Rolo (RE)

A new industrial landscape

MTA's new research and production unit in Rolo (province of Reggio Emilia) marks a fresh start in the heart of the area affected by the Emilia earthquake

Belagflächen: FLORIM
CompuGroup Medical - Coblenza (D)

CompuGroup Medical new headquarters

Energy efficiency, environmental quality and high technical performance are the key features of the new corporate headquarters in Koblenz

Belagflächen: MONOCIBEC
ATM Associate Bank - Minneapolis (USA)

The ideal bank

Sober yet elegant, Associated Bank's Chicago branch offers a sensitive interpretation of the design needs of bank premises

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Catamaran Corporation Headquarters - Schaumburg, IL (USA)

The power of pharmaceuticals

Catamaran Corporation, a pharmacy benefit management company, has been consistently ranked as one of the fastest-growing US companies for several years. The new headquarters meets the corporation's new organisational needs and expresses the concepts of strength, solidity and well-being

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE

AC Milan's new headquarters designed by architect Fabio Novembre is an extraordinary communication tool

Belagflächen: LEA
Panariagroup Headquarters - Finale Emilia (MO)

The story of a rebirth

With a magisterial example of resilience, facing difficulties and transforming them into opportunities, the people of Emilia have overcome the earthquake of 2012 and given new life to this generous land and its rich resources

Morgan Lovell design firm offices - London (UK)

In the offices of an interior design firm

Italian products enjoy pride of place in the London offices of one of the UK's best known office design firms

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
30 Jellicoe Avenue Building - Johannesburg (South Africa)

Beyond the image

A new commercial complex recently completed in South Africa's economic capital highlights the role of ceramic envelopes in architecture and in technological and energy performance

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Business-residential Building - Chiasso (Switzerland)

Dynamic facade

Compositional rigour and high technical specifications characterise the curtain wall of this residential building in Chiasso

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Sveavägen 44 Building Facade - Stockolm (Sweden)

A virtuous example in Stockholm

A high tech building with Art Nouveau styling

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Oakley Flagship Showroom - Milan

Oakley @ Luxottica Group Headquarters, Milan

The new Oakley flagship showroom for the EMEA area opened in Milan

Belagflächen: REFIN
Chianti Banca - Florence

Hospitality at the bank

A tribute to the Chianti region

Belagflächen: COEM
Office building Metrocomplex - Milano

A metropolitan style

A business complex in Milan combines a piazza with office spaces

Belagflächen: VOGUE
Office building Yangjae Dong - Seoul (Corea)

The thin silver line

An outstanding blend of Italian design and technology envelops and enhances an upmarket business centre in Seoul

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Technology) - Boulder, CO (USA)

A high-precision environment paved with Italian ceramic

Sun, snow and desert. Time, atoms, force, distance and temperature. Here they measure everything, with the highest precision.

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Juniper Networks Headquarters - Sunnyvale, CA (USA)

Corporate culture meets ceramic architecture

Productivity, vitality and harmony in the façades of Juniper's HQ

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Lasa Metalli Headquarters - Modena

A company showcase

The new Lasa Metalli headquarters combines a powerful exterior image with a high degree of interior comfort

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Multifunctional Building Unipol Tower - Bologna

When sustainability scrapes the sky

The first office tower in Italy to attain LEED Gold certification, built to an integrated design encompassing everything, from energy efficiency through to the quality of the building interiors

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
KTM Farioli Showroom - Bergamo

On the road

A renovation project for a historic dealership features eye-catching graphics and bright colours, plus a ceramic tiled road for KTM's two and four-wheeled vehicles

Cedacri Group Headquarters - Collecchio (PR)

Coherent and sustainable

A productivity-centred architecture and a sensitive approach turn function into form, and use ceramic as the medium for its expression

Pharmacy De La Gare - Roissy-en-Brie (Paris)

Pharmacie de la Gare. A healthcare supermarket

France's largest pharmacy, built in Roissy-en-Brie, has been paved throughout with antibacterial tiles

Software Headquarter Facility - Minneapolis (USA)

Software Headquarter Facility

Located in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, the Software Headquarters facility blend discreetly into the natural environment of the suburban site

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Cabel Industry Headquarters - Empoli (Florence)

Nostalgia for the future

The slogan coined by the curator of the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale sums up the characteristics and contents of a successful corporate architecture project in Tuscany.

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Central Saint Giles - London (GB)

Ladies and gentlemen, ceramic tiles!

A vibrant new development by Renzo Piano puts ceramic on London's architectural map

Belagflächen: REFIN
Union Square 999 Building - Washington DC (USA)

Award-winning quality

The coveted Ceramics of Italy Design Competition Award 2012 was won by a successful office complex refit project using high-quality ceramics in the heart of NoMa, a rapidly developing neighbourhood of Washington DC

Belagflächen: LEA
Nuova Sede Uffici CNA - Faenza (RA)

Sustainability and tradition


Belagflächen: CAESAR
iGuzzini Illuminazione headquarters - Barcelona (Spain)

Sphere of light

The new Spanish headquarters of IGuzzini Illuminazione in Sant Cugat del Vallès designed by Josep Miàs is an age-old dream brought to life by modern-day technology

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Makita Corporation Headquarters - Ratingen (Germany)

Japanese atmospheres in the heart of Germany

Sobriety, elegance and tranquillity: the new Makita site in Ratingen offers a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity.

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Banca di Credito Cooperativo Headquarter - Scandiano (Reggio Emilia)

A high-performance headquarters

Functionality, aesthetics and environmental awareness were the design principles behind the new building

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Mazda Showroom - Nef (Switzerland)

The Mazda Showroom in Nef

With its porcelain floor tiling, the Mazda dealership in Nef, Switzerland is an authentic showroom that represents a new architectural trend in the sector.

Belagflächen: FIORDO
Brocade Communication System Headquarter - San José, CA (USA)

When well-being is a corporate strategy

San José, California: the new headquarters of Brocade Communications Systems

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Enterprise SpA Headquarter - Rome

A dialogue between matter and transparency

The new Enterprise headquarters in Rome offers brightly lit spaces that exploit the essential qualities of glass, steel and porcelain tile.

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Sant'Agostino Multifunctional Centre - Paderno Dugnano (Milan)

Sant’Agostino Multifunctional Centre

An innovative ceramic tile installation layout and unusual colours lend architectural strength to a building with simple shapes

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
AIB Bankcenter Ballsbridge - Dublin (IRL)

The new AIB Bankcentre in Ballsbridge, Dublin

Ireland's largest historic bank doubles the size of its headquarters

Belagflächen: ITALGRANITI
Ikea Headquarter - Helsinborg (Sweden)

A variable colour configuration

Helsingborg (Sweden). New IKEA office building. When architecture becomes a means of promoting intercultural lifestyles through the symbolism of colour and experimentation with sophisticated brand communication languages.

Miele Headquarters - Vianen (NL)

Functional sustainability

High-performance tiles with low environmental impact have been chosen for the Miele Inspirience Centre in Vianen, Holland. More than a showroom, it combines display, demonstration and educational activities.

Belagflächen: FIORDO
Yekaterinburg Duma - Yekaterinburg (RUS)

Ceramic tiles in Parliament

Ceramiche Coem has been involved in a prestigious project in Russia. The Granito collection has been used in the new Duma building in Yekaterinburg.

Belagflächen: COEM

Reserved for production, artisan and tertiary activities for small and medium-sized business, Vitali Park in Turin uses an original cladding system based on terracotta solar screen elements

Belagflächen: Palagio Engineering
Dollarama Headquarters - Montreal (Canada)

The Dollarama Headquarters

The two "ceramic wings" of the Dollorama offices on the outskirts of Montreal look like the blades of an iridium coloured propeller mounted on a central glass-clad shaft

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Litokol Training Center - Rubiera (RE)

Training in red

Colour, together with an original use of materials, is the most distinctive element of the Litokol Training Center

Belagflächen: RONDINE
Target Corporation Northern Campus - Brooklyn Park, MN (USA)

Target Corporation Northern Campus

Quality of life for the users and fostering a sense of belonging to the company form the basis of the new "building D" project

Belagflächen: CAESAR