transport facilities

Silja Symphony and Serenade cruise ships - Helsinki (Finland)

Marine architecture

A meticulous interior design project has given a new look to two cruise ships. Functionality and design are successfully combined thanks to a carefully selected range of finishes and materials, including several collections of Italian mosaics

Surfaces: APPIANI
Costa Smeralda and Costa Toscana cruise ships

The sartorial spirit of cruise ships

Built between 2019 and 2021, the Costa Smeralda and Costa Toscana cruise ships from the Costa Crociere fleet feature custom-designed porcelain stoneware tiles on their dining room floors

Surfaces: CAESAR
Tunnel on Austria's S6 Semmering expressway - Austria

On the road again

Recently completed upgrading work on Austria's S6 Semmering expressway between Wartberg and Krieglach included the installation of ultra-thin ceramic panels on the walls of the 160 metre long Wartberg Tunnel. To meet the needs of the motorway operator Asfinag, Cotto D'Este produced a custom-designed Kerlite3 plus product in a 300x100 cm size

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
VIP Lounge in Gagarin International Airport - Saratov, RU

A voyage into space with Yuri Gagarin

Moscow-based practice Vox Architects drew inspiration from the conquest of the cosmos for a futuristic interior in which Italian ceramic tiles dialogue with the history of the city where the "first man in space" studied and returned to earth after his mission

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Marconi Express People Mover - Bologna

Smart, eco-friendly and above all contemporary

A complex and sustainable large-scale project in Bologna connects the airport to the city centre in just seven minutes

Surfaces: CERDISA
Ciudad de Valencia ferry

Design and a maritime identity

An itinerant showcase of surfaces and colours that sails the Mediterranean

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE

An imposing building with a dramatic glass curtain wall and a high-performance ventilated ceramic façade, Sofia's central bus station is a vital hub of national transport and a major city landmark

New Plymouth Airport - New Plymouth (New Zealand)

Small airport, big culture

The new airport terminal in New Plymouth, New Zealand, is a gateway between past and future, between the Maori tradition and the world

Surfaces: CIR
Nathan Phillips Square Bicycle Station - Toronto (Canada)

The modernity of bicycles and history

In Toronto's landmark square, architect Vis Sankrithi has combined the modernity of a new underground parking station for city cyclists with the location's iconic history

Surfaces: LEA
Hamad International Airport - Doha (QAT)

The sky’s the limit

When working on the interior design project for the passenger spaces at Doha's Hamad airport, designed by the American firm HOK and inaugurated in 2014, Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel's practice addressed the issues of scale and durability

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Business Lounge Chisinau Airport - Moldavia

A journey towards total comfort

Airport design has become a highly innovative area of professional specialisation in the last two decades, especially with regard to the waiting/relaxation areas for frequent flyers. The new Business Lounge at Chisinau Airport in Moldova is an outstanding example

Railway station - Elmas (CA)

A pixel-effect ceramic envelope

The recent renovation project for the Cagliari-Elmas railway station stands out in particular for the use of large-size ceramic panels combining outstanding technical characteristics with a harmonious aesthetic language that blends in with the surrounding landscape

Surfaces: CAESAR
Zagreb Airport New Passenger Terminal - Zagreb (Croatia)

Glass, metal and Italian ceramics

Designed by Kincl Arhitekti, Neidhardt Arhitekti and Institut IGH, this iconic, contemporary terminal building serves the main airport of a country that has its sights firmly set on future growth

Kotoka International Airport - Accra (Ghana)

Italian tile for a project with African roots

The new terminal of Kotoka International Airport in Accra offers international-level services while maintaining local aesthetics

Business Hall Platov Airport - Platov (RU)

The Doorway to the Caucasus

Platov's new airport is the most important in southern Russia. Completed in time to welcome visitors to this year's FIFA World Cup, the international hub is intended to remind air travellers of the beautiful countryside around the nearby city of Rostov and the Don river. These associations are powerfully reinforced by the design of the VIP lounge, by Vox Architects

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Changi Airport Terminal 4 - Singapore

Nature, art and technology

The latest expansion of Terminal 4 of Singapore airport extends along a central gallery inspired by nature and oriental history with a length of 300 metres, a width of more than 20 metres and a height of 18 metres


The newly-opened Terminal 2 railway station is simplifying passengers' journeys

Surfaces: CAESAR
"Leonardo da Vinci" Airport, E Boarding Area - Fiumicino (Rome)

Innovation in mobility

The new boarding area E of the "Leonardo da Vinci" airport in Rome Fiumicino served as the testing ground for a project to upgrade the spaces, transit flows and technologies of a strategic part of Italy's most important airport

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Medrese River Station (Muslim Seminary) - Bolgar (Russia)

In the ancient capital of the Tatars

At the heart of the new Bolgar river station, a UNESCO Heritage site since 2014, lies a waterjet cut ceramic carpet

Poortvrije Passages at Amsterdam Central Station - Amsterdam

Crossing the station on foot or by bike

The new bicycle and pedestrian underpass allows travellers to cross Amsterdam Central Station in complete safety

Surfaces: REFIN
New High-Speed Bologna Central Station - Bologna

The subtle strength of large surfaces

Ceramic takes centre stage in the monumental underground facility, designed by Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei, for the high-speed train connection in Bologna Central station

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Tiburtina high-speed train station - Rome

Much more than a train station

With its contemporary and environmentally-conscious design language and technologies, the Tiburtina high-speed rail station serves as an important multifunctional centre in the heart of Rome

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
KDV Sports, Golf & Tennis Academy - Carrara (AUS)

Sculptural transparency

The most prestigious sports centre on Australia's Gold Coast has been expanded with a transparent, lightweight multipurpose building resting gracefully on the coastal plainvvvvvv

Skyway Monte Bianco

Stairway to heaven

The new Mont Blanc cable car complex was a major technological and architectural undertaking in which latest-generation extra-thick porcelain tiles played an important role.

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Base Tunnel A1 (Milan-Naples) Motorway - Badia Nuova - Aglio Section

An underground ceramic application

The Base Tunnel for the Variante di Valico deviation of the A1 (Milan-Naples) motorway ADOPTS an innovative cladding system for the internal walls, opening up interesting prospects for ultra-thin ceramic porcelain panels

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
Panmure Station - Auckland (NZ)

On the isthmus of the Iwi

Panmure Interchange in New Zealand combines the needs of public transport with respect for the local culture

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Leonardo Da Vinci Airport - Rome

The senses take to the air

Design and technology make a clear appeal to the senses in this project for the toilet facilities of Rome's Fiumicino Airport

Surfaces: LEA
Malpensa Airport Restrooms - Milan

The high standards of Italian design

The functional and elegant new restroom in Terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa airport comes up to the exacting standards of the shopping gallery restyling project

Surfaces: FLORIM
Railway station - Sopot (Poland)

Ceramic tile makes a stylish comeback

The remodelling project for the old Sopot railway station

Surfaces: VOGUE
Jasionka Airport - Rzeszów (Poland)

The flying carpet

Beneath the spectacular paraboloid of Rzeszów airport terminal, the elegant ceramic floor covering plays a key role in a project of great formal clarity.

Katowice International Airport - Pyrzowice, Poland

An eco-friendly airport

First built for military purposes during the Second World War, it is now one of Europe's most strategic airports and also one with the lowest environmental impact

Surfaces: COEM
Line 1 Metropolitan Stations - Athens (Greece)

The Olympics and public transport

The stations on Line 1 of the Athens metro were completely remodelled in anticipation of the Greek Olympic Games

Disney Magic cruise ship

On board with « helmsman Mickey »

The Disney Magic cruise ship recently underwent a major overhaul to bring its levels of safety and comfort into line with the changing needs of the market

Surfaces: EDILGRES
Salt Lake City Airport - USA

On wings of porcelain

Amongst the new facilities at Utah's airport, the Suspended Bridge appears to take flight thanks to an ultrathin ceramic floor

Surfaces: LEA
Bresciadue Metro Station - Brescia

The metro of the future

Brescia's new metro consists of 17 cutting-edge stations that combine efficiency, design and environmental comfort

Surfaces: COTTO D'ESTE
International Terminal Brisbane Airport - Brisbane (AUS)

A triumph of light,
air and ceramics

The recent Brisbane airport terminal expansion project draws inspiration from the Queensland landscape

RER Railway Station - Nanterre-Paris (F)

Walls that speak italian

Italian porcelain tiles have been used in three stations in the Paris RER rail network

Surfaces: REFIN
Stadium MRT Metro Station - Singapore

Stadium MRT Station, Singapore

An outstanding project based on good design and innovation

Surfaces: RONDINE
Number One Traveller Lounge Gatwick Airport - London (UK)

High-class waiting areas

The No. 1 Traveller Lounge at Gatwick Airport offers customers a unique pre-flight experience, combining airy, well-designed spaces with the use of striking and elegant materials.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Metro Porte de Versailles - Paris (France)

Embracing history and culture


Surfaces: LEA
Orio Al Serio Airport - Bergamo

In the blue, painted blu…

At Bergamo's Orio al Serio airport, technology meets ceramic products reminiscent of natural materials

Surfaces: MIRAGE
Metropolitan Subway - Seoul (South Korea)

Seoul’s ceramic-clad metropolitan subway

With its 14 lines, 436 stations and a total length of 314 km, this large metropolitan subway system has embraced the aesthetics and functionality of Italian ceramic tiles

Surfaces: MIRAGE
New General Aviation Terminal at Olbia Airport

Beyon non-places

The expansion of the new Olbia airport combines functionality and exclusivity with a special focus on environmental impact and the use of local natural materials

Surfaces: CERCOM
Porta Nuova Train Station - Turin

A new future for Porta Nuova train station

Turin's central train station has been transformed and redeveloped. With its renovated commercial spaces, it is in search of new functions.

Surfaces: CAESAR
Canada Line - Rapid Transit Project

A LEED certified metropolitan railway in Canada

Sixteen stations that integrate into the surrounding landscape.

Phoenix Skyarbor Airport-T4

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Italian ceramic tiles played a key role in the spectacular remodelling project for Terminal 4 in Arizona's largest airport

Adhésifs: Mapei
AMK Hub - Singapore

In and around the AMK Hub

Italian ceramic tiles were the preferred choice for the renovation of this Singapore bus-rail interchange and adjoining buildings

Adhésifs: Mapei
Alitalia CFA Bellini Lounge, Fontanarossa Airport - Catania (Italy)

The new VIP Lounge at Catania Airport

In the new Catania Airport VIP lounge a skilful use of materials together creates a reception area reflecting Alitalia's new-look brand identity

Surfaces: DEL CONCA
Railway station - Szeged (H)

Szeged Railway Station

A major conservative restoration project in which Italian tiles have been integrated into a historic setting of high architectural value