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Residential complex - Novate Milanese (MI)

A virtuous suburb

Novate Milanese is a municipality within the metropolitan area of Milan. It is also home to a residential complex designed using discreet but effective solutions to blend in with a diversified urban landscape

Surfaces: CERIM
Wormland store - Nuremberg (Germany)

Fashion and trends in Nuremberg

Wormland is a go-to store for metropolitan style menswear.

Surfaces: CERIM
Hotel Golfo del Sole - Follonica (Grosseto) Italy

Hospitality spanning tradition and modernity

A restyling project for a 1960s hotel and residences standing on the sandy coast of the Gulf of Follonica in Tuscany's Maremma region focuses on design and functionality

Surfaces: CERIM
Villa AA - Bagnolo Cremasco (Cremona) Italy

A two-floor villa

A terraced villa located in the village of Bagnolo Cremasco in the province of Cremona has been designed with the utmost attention to details and finishings

Surfaces: CERIM
San Giovanni Bosco parish centre - Treviolo (Bergamo)

Inclusive education

The new San Giovanni Bosco parish centre in Treviolo is built on principles of openness, inclusion and participation

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"Da Emilia" Bistrot - Torino

A corner of Emilia in Turin

At the northern edge of Turin's baroque historic centre, a small bistro opened by three young partners combines antique objects and furnishings in a cosy vintage ambience

Surfaces: CERIM
Isolino Residence - Verbania

A lakefront living room

A few simple, local materials are used to enhance the architectural value of an essential building envelope

Surfaces: CERIM
Bar del Duomo - Altamura (Ba)

A historic bar revisited

In the old town centre of Altamura, customers are greeted by a carpet of coloured tiles

Surfaces: CERIM
Don Luigi Palazzolo primary school - Bergamo

A new concept for a school building

Functionality and design, light and greenery create a lively, welcoming environment for children at a new primary school in the province of Bergamo.

Surfaces: CERIM
Private residence - Ragusa

Inside and outside

An old house renovated for a new house to live both inside and outside under the sky of Sicily

Surfaces: CERIM
Restaurant "Al 3 di Via Novelli" - Bergamo

"Al 3 di Via Novelli"

Refurbishment of a late nineteenth century property to create a canteen-style restaurant in the basement

Surfaces: CERIM