Projets de

Moleskine Store - Los Angeles, CA (USA)

A lifestyle brand

The new store located at 350 S Grand Ave in Bunker Hill District of downtown Los Angeles reflects the steady growth of the Moleskine brand

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Boulangerie Leslie - Nieuwerkerken (B)

A Nordic style bakery

A small, elegant boulangerie in a provincial Belgian town combines a range of surface coverings and large size tiles to create a cleanly styled space with a warm, welcoming ambience

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
VIB Offices - Neuburg an der Donau, D

A building close to nature on the banks of the river Danube

The new VIB AG headquarters in Neuburg an der Donau stands out for its interaction between interior and exterior, dynamism, luminosity and integration with nature

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Fael Luce Headquarters - Agrate Brianza (MB)

Light has found a new home

Simplicity of form and contemporary design are the key features of Fael Luce's new headquarters in Agrate Brianza

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Private residence - Vizzolo Predabissi (MI)

Modernity with a retro taste

A radical renovation project carried out on an old country house in Vizzolo Pedrabissi, a town in the plains near Milan, has created a minimalist apartment where the concrete-look ceramic tiles help to create a warm atmosphere in spite of the sparse furnishings

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Grand Hotel du Midi - Montpellier (F)

Super et génial

A unique and poetic renovation project has given a new lease of life to a historic hotel in the centre of Montpellier

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Haus Boscha - Lipsia

The White House

A residential building in Leipzig experiments with solids and voids and the use of pure materials: glass, concrete and wood

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Private residence - Mahé Island, Seychelles

Living in the Seychelles: a blend of tradition and modernity

A renovation project for a private residence on the island of Mahé

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Business-residential Building - Chiasso (Switzerland)

Dynamic facade

Compositional rigour and high technical specifications characterise the curtain wall of this residential building in Chiasso

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Lasa Metalli Headquarters - Modena

A company showcase

The new Lasa Metalli headquarters combines a powerful exterior image with a high degree of interior comfort

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Relais Sant'Uffizio Wellness & SPA - Cioccaro di Penango (AT)

The philosophy of wellness

A former monastery in the Langhe region of northern Italy houses a modern spa promoting mental and physical relaxation

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Zebra Restaurant - Prague (CZ)

Asian fusion, lanterns and bamboo

A new restaurant in Prague's old city centre offers a splendid reinterpretation of an oriental style that combines warmth and nature

Surfaces: CASAMOOD
Balnea SPA - Sassuolo (MO)

In search of the genius loci


Surfaces: CASAMOOD