Miriandhoo Baa Atoll Maldives Resort - Maldives

High-level hospitality and sustainability in the Baa atoll

The resort designed by Peia Associati for Marriott International on the small green island of Miriandhoo is an eco-friendly development consisting of 70 bungalows set in a UNESCO biosphere reserve
Laura Milan
Giampiero Peia (Peia Associati)
Sanken Overseas (Pvt) Ltd
Year of completion

Designed by Milan-based practice Peia Associati for the US hotel chain Marriott International, the Miriandhoo Resort is located on the small green island of Miriandhoo in the south-eastern section of the Maldivian atoll of Baa. It enjoys a magnificent location surrounded by the clear turquoise waters that have made this island nation one of the world’s most exclusive and popular tourist destinations, inscribed in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in 2011.
In keeping with a sustainable “scattered” model of hospitality designed to exploit the unique structure and environmental heritage of a country divided into a series of atolls and more than 1,000 individual islands, the buildings making up the resort are distributed organically in such a way as to respect the natural flora while at the same time ensuring the maximum privacy and providing a unique guest experience.
Organised around a service hub devoted to guest facilities at the centre of the island – including reception, catering areas and spaces for communal activities, spa, swimming pool and staff lodgings – the Miriandhoo Resort fully exploits the presence of the sea and the shore. It has a total of 70 hospitality units, some built on the edges of the island overlooking the beaches and sea and some standing on exclusive stilt structures above the water itself, with wooden walkways to provide direct private access to the sea. Architecturally, the bungalows consist of a double envelope incorporating an inner section enclosed within a local timber structure, which defines the character of the buildings and performs an important passive temperature control function by creating shade and natural ventilation.
In keeping with a philosophy aimed at safeguarding this ever popular but extremely delicate location and a government policy that sees continued tourist development as a way of protecting the ecosystem, the Miriandhoo Resort has adopted a responsible contemporary project tailored to the needs of one of the world’s most important hotel groups. The medium-term goals set out in Marriott International’s 2017 Sustainability and Social Impact Report include an increase in LEED certifications and a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 15% reduction in water consumption per room and a 45% decrease in the production of waste by 2025. As a result, the complex is designed to be self-sufficient in terms of water, energy and food production while preserving the lush local vegetation and minimising the amount of land occupied by the new structures.
The interior design, a key element of any hospitality project and particularly important in a luxury resort, reflects the enormous experience gained by Gianpiero Peia in collaboration with designers Luca Meda and Piero Lissoni. His sophisticated yet minimalist solutions make extensive use of locally-made art and craft objects as well as the aesthetic potential and high quality standards of Casalgrande Padana ceramic tiles, chosen in a standard model for the spa floors and in a custom-made version designed by Peia Associati for the showers in the bungalow bathrooms.

Casalgrande Padana, linea Granitogres: Marte-Architecture; linea Granitoker: Marmogres-Antique Wood
porcelain stoneware
10x60, 30x60, 20x120, 60x120 cm
Thassos, Grigio Maggia, Light Ivory, Black, Canova, Statuario Grigio, White
Technical characteristics
Water absorpion (ISO 10545-3): compliant
Chemical resistance (ISO 10545-13): compliant
Resistance to deep abrasion (ISO 10545-6): compliant
Stain resistance (ISO 10545-14): compliant
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